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Fish TV's Five Favourite Places to Fish in Ontario

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Fish TV's Five Favourite Places to Fish in Ontario

• Credit: Fish TV

The amount of different species that Ontario has to offer is like no other place.

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We are very fortunate to be able to fish all over the world, but there is nothing like fishing in Ontario. This is home for us with an unlimited amount of untouched rivers and lakes…it is by far the best place to fish in the world! From North to South and East all the way to the western end of the province, there are places you can fish and never see another person or boat while you are there.

The amount of different species that Ontario has to offer is like no other place I have ever fished. I believe that Ontario is going to shatter some world record fish in the near future, as there is very little pressure compared to anywhere else I have fished. Here are five of the best places we have fished for numbers and trophies that you might want to consider on your next trip.

1. Lac Seul, Northern Ontario


Lac Seul is a big body of water that is full of fish, so if you want 50 to 100 fish days, head North to Lac Seul!

Fish Species: Trophy Musky and Walleye not to mention the Smallmouth.

Best time: We like to fish in late June to early July when we target Walleye and Smallmouth, but if you want a monster Musky, this lake has them too!

Baits: Jig and grub or minnow for Walleye. Dropshot with a 3-inch, 13 fishing Vertigo Minnow for Smallmouth and Blue Fox Vivrax Super Bou for Musky

2. Lake Simcoe, Central Ontario


Lake Simcoe seems to produce trophy Perch every year, along with great ice fishing for Perch and Whitefish.

Fish Species: Trophy smallmouth, Pike, Largemouth, Lake trout, Whitefish, Walleye and Perch. This lake produces Perch in the 2-pound range fairly consistently.

Best time: The best time for big perch we find is April, fishing anywhere from 12 to 30 feet of water.

Baits: 1/8 jig head with 2” plastic grub or fish like imitation, also a #3 jigging rap works really well.

3. French River – 4 hours North of Toronto


French River has a ton of history, and is know for its excellent fishing; this is a great location to take the family for a vacation.

Fish Species: Trophy Musky and numbers of Walleye and Smallmouth Bass.

Best Time: We like fishing the French River in July for Walleye and October for Musky. The French River produces numbers of walleye, with fish up to 10 lbs. If you want to have fun catching numbers of fish, this is the place.

Baits: Nothing beats a plain jig and minnow or leach.

4. Otter Lake - Parry Sound


This well-kept secret can produce Northern Pike in the 20- to 25-pound class, and it has a ton of smallmouth in the 5-lb range as well.

Fish Species: Trophy Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass.

Best Time: The best time to fish is early to mid-July.

Baits: Rapala Husky jerks, Terminator Spinnerbaits and tubes.

5. St. Lawrence River – Southeastern Ontario


In my opinion, this river will produce the next world record Bass and Musky.

Fish Species: Trophy Smallmouth, Musky, and Big Largemouth Bass,

Best Time: The best time to fish is right from opening of Bass in June to November.

Baits: Big Baits for Musky like the Blu Fox Vivrax Super Bou; for Bass, use a dropshot or tube in globy colour.

Stay safe and keep fishing!

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