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Fishing Caribou Lake

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Fishing Caribou Lake

• Credit: Rebekka Redd

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Do your part by following public health advice. It is important to wear a face mask or covering, practice physical distancing, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Who doesn’t want more adventure? Life in Northern Ontario is a never-ending wilderness experience, especially for those who are consumed by an insatiable need to chase fish on the fly! In this article I cover a special lake that’s surrounded in pristine beauty, truly second to none!

Caribou Lake is located near Ontario’s world famous Wabakimi Provincial Park and is located just about four hours' drive north of Thunder Bay, Ontario via Hwy 527. This is a remote and pristine body of water measuring over 23,000 acres, 20 miles long, and it harbours excellent fishing, with depths reaching over 200 feet!

This cold-water lake is Northern Pike paradise. With a plethora of fishing to be had, this lake has an excellent fishery for walleye, whitefish, lake trout, and pike. The lake structure is very dynamic, with endless islands, rock structure with weedlines, bays and drop zones -- all of which are plentiful with fish.  Shallow bays are home to big pike, and that means top water popper fun! It’s said the typical pike caught in the bays average 3 feet in length.

Caribou Lake is home to many species of fish the most popular are the ones I listed above, but here are more species that live in this lake: the rare blue walleye, sturgeon, white suckers, and various bait fish like ciscos and minnows.

(Photo credit: Rebekka Redd)

Caribou is separated into three sections. The "main" part of the lake is where all the lodges are located. Then there are the "Narrows," the midsection between the larger parts of the lake. Early season fishing is generally good in this section.

"Upper Caribou" seems to hold the best areas to fish, mainly due to the numerous back bays, river inlets, rocky shore, and channels – a fish's perfect home!

What you need to know

The US dollar is at a high! So, booking a fishing trip into Canada for US citizens is a good deal!

Caribou Lake is a drive-to lake.

To give you an idea, it’s approximately a 14-hour drive from Green Bay, WI, or a 12-hour drive from Minneapolis, MN.

(Photo credit: Rebekka Redd)

If you are coming from out of country -- please remember your valid passport and be sure to know what you cannot bring into Canada. Being prepared will just help keep the entry into Canada smoother and keep you on track to fishing!

Remember to get a Ontario fishing License.

Armstrong is the closest town and offers a general store, mini-mart, gas station, post office, medical clinic, police, emergency medic helicopter, and a couple of restaurants.

I would advice you to stock up in Thunder Bay with groceries and staples you’ll need for your stay at any of the lodges or cabins you chose to rent.

With over 1,000 islands, endless bays, and stunning scenery, this vast fishery offers world class fishing in the heart of Northern Ontario.

Wherever you call home in the world, if you want to experience a true northern lake, then pack your fishing rods and make your flight to YQT (Thunder Bay), rent a car, and enjoy the gorgeous wilderness drive to Armstrong, Ontario, just minutes to Caribou Lake.

(Photo credit: Rebekka Redd)

Here is a list of the Lodges surrounding the lake along with their websites:
Forrest Lake Lodge: www.forestlodge.com
Caribou Lake lodge: www.cariboulakelodge.com
Bear Paw Lodg : www.bearpawlodge.net

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