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Fishing Muskie

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Fishing Muskie

Ang & Pete fish for Ontario's toothy beast: the muskie. • Credit: Fish'n Canada

Ontario's Ultimate Toothy Beast

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Every now and then we at Fish'n Canada take a little detour from our normal route and this show is no exception. Not only are we going for a species that is exotic... the muskie but we have joined forces with the Beasley Brothers from Canada in the Rough, Canada's number 1 hunting program to team up on 2 prime Ontario muskie locations.

The Beasley's chose the Kawartha Lakes as their Muskie territory and for good reason. The population is very high and if you dig deep and hard enough, a trophy or two will almost always show up.

We here at Fish'n Canada took on the upper French River where along with Lake Nipissing is considered to be one of the top Muskie producers in the world. There probably isn't as many fish per acre as the Kawarthas but as far as size goes... there's no comparison.

The brothers worked the thick weedbeds of Chemong and Buckhorn Lakes with a variety of muskie baits. The beauty of these water bodies is there is quick and easy access to each other (and including Pigeon) giving a muskie addict plenty of water to work. If you ever hear the term Tri-Lakes, that's where they are talking about.

keithbeasley fishing ontariomuskie
Keith Beasley from Canada in the Rough shows off his muskie catch. (Photo credit: Fish'n Canada)

As far as our Fish'n Canada hosts went, "Pete and I," says Angelo, "had a milk-run of spots on the French that both Steve Neidzwiecki owner and operator of Chaudiere Lodge as well as muskie guide Pete Stefanac had suggested. We basically left the lodge and within minutes were bombing big tinsel inline spinners over both shallow and deep structure."

"Using big baits like #10 double bladed muskie lures is quite the workout" Pete says "by the end of the day, even if you don't have any fish to show, your arms are still burning."

However, fortunately Pete and Ang did have a couple of fish for the camera...both in the 50" range.

Now as big as those fish sound, Pete nearly fell out of his boots when he had a fish follow his spinner that he said, "made those 50s look like skinny grass pike". He states, "this fish wasn't all that much longer than the previous two but the width across the back was unbelievable!"

Angelo concurs, "that beast must have been close to 50 pounds, not inches!"

"I still think about that fish", says Pete, "and I remember where she lives!"

This show is a true testament as to just how great the province of Ontario is for the ultimate toothy beast!

angviola fishingmuskie ontario
Ang Viola of Fish'n Canada holding his trophy muskie. (Photo credit: Fish'n Canada)

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