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Fly-in Fishing That Isn't: Esnagi Lake

Fly-in fishing can offer great fishing but isn't always affordable.

The author shares why you should take the train

Taking VIA Rail to a lodge is a great alternate to flying in.

A "fly-in" fishing adventure is a luxury that not all can afford. I love Ang's statement in a piece he wrote for Outdoor Canada that a fly-in is a Bucket Lister -- no truer words have been said. Unfortunately, affordability usually stops most anglers from experiencing these great trips.

In that particular issue of Outdoor Canada, I'm going to give you an area where you have an alternative choice to a fly-in. It's called a train-in. The idea of taking a train to a lodge is a very unique option that can add a whole new dimension to a fishing trip.

Read below, in Fish'n Canada's own words, their experience of train-in fishing.

Train-in Fishing in Ontario

In our Fish'n Canada experiences, we have taken the train to Esnagi Lake, one of our favourite walleye waters and ended up at 2 different locations, Lodge 88 and Mar Mac. Both of these facilities are first class in food and accommodations however they are not your only choices. To learn more about other lodges located along the VIA Rail line visit www.algomacountry.com and all have excellent fishing opportunities.

Let me go back to our experience of taking the train to a fishing destination. We started off at Fish'n Canada's home base in Oshawa, Ontario, took a leisurely drive north to Sudbury, boarded the VIA Rail Train at the main station and then relaxed as the train took us to within 100 yards of the Esnagi Lake shoreline. Once there, we were picked up by waiting boats, ready to taxi us over to the lodge. It was that simple. Within less than an hour after arrival, we were pounding big walleye!

Here is a way of looking at it; you can either drive your fully "packed to the hilt" car or truck for a full day in possible rain, or even snow, depending on the time of the year, or you can load your gear into a freight car, then settle into a cozy seat, bring out the cards and poker chips, take a walk up and down the aisles, hit the junk food, recline to have a snooze and then finally arrive at your once in a lifetime fishing destination the choice is yours.

We've experienced it and highly recommend it!

For more information on fishing in Ontario, visit www.destinationontario.com

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