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Flying For Gold On Richter Lake

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Flying For Gold On Richter Lake

Ben Beattie finds northern pike throughout Richter Lake in Northern Ontario. • Credit: Ben Beattie

The author flies into Eddie North's Attawapiskat River Adventures

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A certain sense of adventure comes with any remote fly-in fishing trip and Richter Lake in the Arctic watershed of Northwestern Ontario, is no exception. In fact, prior to 2011 Richter Lake was believed to be an unfished body of water, giving it a mystique that pushes the adventure level higher.

When Eddie Guergis, operator of Eddie North’s Attawapiskat River Adventures, was given the opportunity to open an outpost camp on Richter Lake he jumped at the chance.  Guergis constructed the camp on Richter in May of 2011 and by June the lake’s walleye and pike were seeing their first lures.


To say that fishing on Richter Lake is easy would be an understatement. The lake’s pike and walleye are abundant and aggressive. Both species can be caught in the same spots using the same baits. Catch fish by trolling, casting and jigging with virtually every type of lure on the market. Everything works and live bait isn’t necessary.

Ben Beattie with one of hundreds of walleye pulled from northern Ontario’s Richter Lake. (Photo credit: Ben Beattie)

If a spot looks like a fishing spot, it probably is. If the wind blows against a shoreline, fish will stack up there. Casting, trolling or jigging around a reef is a sure bet for catching fish. The same can be said for weed beds. The sheer number of pike and walleye in Richter Lake is staggering. In a week you’ll catch more pike and walleye than you care to count.


The new outpost cabin accommodates up to eight people and the fully-equipped kitchen includes a propane stove, barbecue, deep fryer and a generator for lights and refrigerator.

A framed note from Eddie Guergis on the cabin wall reads, "I don’t consider myself ‘the owner’. In reality I am simply the caretaker of the resource. As caretaker it is incumbent upon myself to make sure the resource remains strong for future generations to enjoy." For this reason there is a no kill policy for all pike and no fish are to fly out with guests. Eddie’s note concludes by stating: “I look forward to sharing this magical spot on our globe with you.”

Sunset over northern Ontario’s Richter Lake.Sunset over northern Ontario’s Richter Lake. (Photo credit: Ben Beattie)

A week at a fly-in outpost camp offers much more than fishing. Spending time in a truly remote part of northern Ontario leaves a person relaxed and satisfied. Friends and family can bond over fishing adventures, good food and card games in the evenings. Summertime in Ontario’s north offers warm weather, magnificent sunsets and the chance to watch the northern lights dance in the night sky. Not to mention catching as many fish as you want.

Magical indeed.

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