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Bass Fishing with Glenn Burney Lodge

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Bass Fishing with Glenn Burney Lodge

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Bob Izumi with a largemouth that hit a black and blue Berkley Chigger Crawy

Glenn Burney Lodge is back at the top of the list of resorts you have to visit if you plan on fishing the Parry Sound area of Georgian Bay.

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First off, I want to talk about Glenn Burney Lodge located in Seguin, Ontario, just minutes out of Parry Sound. This place has got a lot of character and the owner, Wesley Thuro, has really done a wonderful job with this lodge. The mix of West Coast Native art and vintage guitars decorating the lodge, along with the fine dining they provide, makes it a very interesting place to visit. This lodge is one of those hidden gems that I didn’t even know existed but I’m very glad we found it.

Brent McNamee and Bob with a couple of nice smallmouth bass

Unfortunately, the lodge was destroyed in a fire shortly after we were there. The good news is that the owner, who was in the lodge at the time the fire broke out, escaped with just a few minor injuries, and Glenn Burney is back in operation.

Our trip was supposed to be a quick one to sample some of the fishing that’s available on this part of Georgian Bay and to shoot an episode of the Real Fishing Show, but it ended up being two trips because of a little problem I’ll tell you about later.

Glenn Burney's waterfront patio

Brent and Larry McNamee from BoaterExam.com joined me, my son Darren, and my brother, Wayne, and we headed up to Glenn Burney to shoot a bass show. On the first day we got out to check the waters and caught a bunch of smallmouth and largemouth bass. Things were going good and we found some good fish that were more than willing to cooperate. It was looking like this would be one of those easy shoots so we decided we’d go out and get our footage shot the next day.

When I got up the next morning I poured myself a coffee and, as I went to grab it, I spilled it all over the video camera my son uses to shoot the Real Fishing Show. I had a sick feeling in my stomach but I had a slight hope that maybe the camera would still work. Unfortunately, the coffee got into the camera and it is now an official boat anchor. Without a camera to shoot the show, we decided to spend the day fun fishing. As it turned out, we caught a lot of fish and could have easily got our show done. The one positive is that now I had a good excuse to get back up there!

Some of the Native art at Glenn Burney Lodge     

A few months later Brent McNamee joined us again and we headed back up to Glenn Burney to finish shooting our video for the show. On this trip it seemed like everything just fell into place. Once again, we had some exceptional bass fishing. I don’t ever remember having a bad fishing trip on any part of Georgian Bay.

When we were targeting largemouth on deeper weeds it was like the fish hit on cue. We were using black/blue Berkley Chigger craws, flipping them in the deeper weeds and were catching numbers of largemouth bass.

When we switched gears to smallmouth we got into a school of shallow fish that anybody who likes bass fishing would be extremely excited to experience. At one point you could see about 25 to 30 smallmouth milling around the boat. The smallest one would have been about 3 ½-pounds and the biggest would have been just under 5-pounds.

Bonus largemouth caught on a wacky rigged Flat Dawg

We were fishing with Berkley Havoc Flat Dawgs that we rigged wacky style with a 1/0 hook through the middle. The best approach was to cast them out and just let them sink down to the bottom. We were able to catch about a dozen of these smallmouth this way and during one short stretch of time I caught five big ones on five consecutive casts. We even got a few bonus largemouth fishing this way. It’s the magical days like this that make life in my line of work really good.

 Since being rebuilt, Glenn Burney Lodge is back at the top of the list of resorts you have to visit if you plan on fishing the Parry Sound area of Georgian Bay. It has retained all of its character and charm and the fishing is everything you could ever ask for.

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