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Hawk Lake Lodge

Hawk Lake Lodge

Smallmouth bass are big and aggressive when fly fishing Hawk Lake in Northwestern Ontario.

Catching Smallmouth Bass on a Fly

Hawk Lake Lodge is #7 on the 2014 Top 10 Ontario Fly Fishing Hotspots
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In Northwestern Ontario there is a special place that has incredible natural beauty, great fly fishing, and access to nearly 20 lakes -- yet it is a drive-to lodge. That place is Hawk Lake Lodge. Hawk Lake Lodge is the only Orvis endorsed full-service facility in Ontario.

Best of all, it has some outstanding smallmouth bass fishing -- mostly on poppers! For over 30 years the lodge has adhered to a strict catch & release policy that has helped foster an incredible fishery. The smallmouth here are big, strong and super-aggressive. Great times to come are May thru to August. Best topwater action times are June and July.

I had the pleasure of fishing Hawk Lake for several days and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of locations one can catch bronze backs. Using either a 6 or 7 weight rod with a floating line is ideal for spending a day casting to bass locations. On Hawk Lake that includes: beaver lodges, rock piles, points, sunken humps and small rocky bays.

In the early morning the bass were not as aggressive on topwater, so we used wooly buggers (black, purple and white) with great success tied to an intermediate sinking line. You can use a floating line if you use weighted flies and long leaders to ensure you get the fly down in the water column. The water on Hawk is very clear and you can see down 15 feet on most of the lake.

I also recommend you bring a 9 weight rod to cast for pike. There are some really massive northern’s in this lake and you will need a rod in that category to help fight them in and also cast large streamers. Hawk Lake is one of my top bass locations in Ontario.

For more information visit: www.hawk-lake.com or phone (617) 820-4056

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