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How to Catch Speckled Trout at First Ice in Ontario

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How to Catch Speckled Trout at First Ice in Ontario

Speckled trout stocked in lakes across Northern Ontario are typically planted as small one-year-olds but quickly grow up to be dazzling beauties. • Credit: Gord Pyzer

Watch the video below of Gord Pyzer ice fishing for specks.

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It is no coincidence that good ice and Christmas arrive at the same time in Northern Ontario.

It is the quintessential gift if you love to ice fish as much as I do.  Especially, for the speckled trout, rainbow trout and splake that the Ministry of Natural Resources stocks in a multitude of small, pristine lakes spread out across the northern half of the province.

The fish are typically planted as one-year-olds in the picture postcard lakes so that when they grow up and become catchable, they're as wild as the wilderness waters in which they swim. And equally stunningly handsome.

In fact, by the time they're three, four or five years of age they're typically dazzling beauties.

I should mention, too, that if you keep a few fish to enjoy for dinner, you'll find their flesh is as firm and sweet and delicate as anything you've ever eaten. And if you prepare them simply, cooking them as soon as you catch them, in a pan placed over a crackling wood fire along shore, it will only add another star to an otherwise world class dining experience.

But enough talk.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so click on the following video that I shot just the other day and discover why, when, where and how to enjoy this Christmas time blessing.

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