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Indianhead Lodge, Lake of the Woods

Not only did Karl fish for big bass on Lake of the Woods, he scored by big black crappie too! • Credit: Karl Kalonka
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Indianhead Lodge, Lake of the Woods

Extreme Angler TV host Karl Kalonka Catches Big Bass and some Crappie too

Our first road trip of the new season filming shows for Extreme Angler TV found us back in Northern Ontario, Sunset Country on beautiful Lake of the Woods at Indianhead Lodge in Sioux Narrows.

My first experience at Lake of the Woods in 2014 was spectacular, to say the least, so I was somewhat skeptical if we could match the awesome fishing and experiences once again this year, but all of those misconceptions disappeared upon our arrival to Indianhead Lodge.

Meeting our gracious hosts Tim and Karen McNanney, they took us on a brief guided tour of the lodge and surrounding property and set us up in a very spacious cabin overlooking Lake of the Woods with a clean kitchen unit, two washrooms, satellite TV, multiple bedrooms with large beds that could have slept a much larger group comfortably. I was very impressed with the hospitality and welcome.

This area of Lake of the Woods has a catch and release season for bass that is unmatched for sheer numbers and overall quality, so I was as excited as a kid at Christmas to hook up with our fishing partner for this trip and start catching bass!

Overhead shot of Indianhead Lodge in Sunset Country, Northern Ontario.
Aerial view of Indianhead Lodge in Sunset Country, Northern Ontario. (Photo credit: Karl Kalonka)

We met with our fishing partner, Josh Peacock who lives in Kenora, Ontario and is very experienced on Lake of the Woods and who spent several days scouting the regions of the lake near the lodge for our filming. After our brief introductions, we headed out to spot number one, which to my amazement was a short three to five-minute boat ride from the lodge dock! No need to travel across the entire lake to catch bass here.

Mother Nature decided to throw a slight curveball at us this morning with overcast, rainy conditions with 30 miles per hour winds from the north. The bass didn't care about the cold front, or strong north winds whatsoever, not two minutes into casting darter head jigs with Strike King Rage Tail 4 inch Grubs, Josh set into fish number one, a chunky 2+ pound smallmouth bass.

(Photo credit: Karl Kalonka)

We were fishing a sharp dropping rock and boulder-strewn shoreline that went from 2 feet to 5 feet and into the deeper edges of the shoreline casting parallel to the shore and letting the grubs free fall on a semi-slack line before our slow retrieve back to the boat. Every once in a while, we would let the bait free fall on the retrieve provoking strikes from fish that would be following the lure.

I felt like I was in bass heaven after three short drifts across this shoreline edge we managed to boat eight solid smallmouth with several in the high 3-pound range. A great start considering the severe cold front and very strong north winds.

We decided to move around a little more and fish the many isolated rock humps and shoals that are scattered across most bays that peak above the surface of the lake.
Locating visual fish-holding cover on Lake of the Woods is a very big reason so many people come here for bass, it really is easy to find some fish, biting somewhere on this lake.

We continued catching smallmouth after smallmouth with a boatload of northern pike and some bonus big black slab crappie along with those visual rock piles all day long.

Extreme Angler 2015 Indianhead Lodge, Lake of the Woods, Northern Ontario. (Photo credit: Karl Kalonka)

After a great day on the water, we had the pleasure of experiencing the incredible dinner prepared by our host Karen McNanney who has quite the reputation as a very good cook, we all agreed on that fact after a few meals.

Overall, our returning trip to Lake of the Woods was as memorable and exciting as the first, great fishing, gracious hosts who make sure every guest at the lodge has a carefree, relaxing vacation with home-cooked meals and clean accommodations that keep them coming back to Indianhead Lodge year after year.

Visit Indianheadlodge.com and I'm sure you will agree, it's one of those places on earth that draws you back year after year.

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