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Kag Lake Fishing

Bill Spicer shows off a northern pike caught at Kag Lake, Leuenberger's Air Service • Credit: The New Fly Fisher
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Kag Lake Fishing

The New Fly Fisher catches big Northern Pike and Brook Trout on this remote lake

The extensive watershed near Nakina in Northern Ontario is blessed with mostly cold spring-fed waters. This is important to fly fishers who are looking to catch big northern pike on a fly. One of the best lodges in the region is Kag Lake.

Owned and operated by Leuenberger Air Service based in Nakina, this lodge has access to some incredible pike and walleye fishing. Bill Spicer, from the TV show The New Fly Fisher, spent a week at Kag Lake and enjoyed some of the best pike fishing of his life.

The pike here are really big, numerous and very aggressive. Bill found that the pike liked long flies that resembled perch and walleye. Fly lengths were from 8 to 10 inches in 1/0 to 3/0 hook sizes. Using a 10-weight rod, Bill found the pike on the edges of weed beds, near fallen trees, sunken humps and points.

If you found schools of baitfish on your sonar, then Bill discovered that casting perch or smelt patterns around this forage also resulted in big pike.

Kag Lake has been in the family since 1960 nestled along the shores of Kagianagami Lake.

Most pike in this system are quite large; Bill caught a few fish under 20 inches. Most of his pike were in the 35- to 45-inch range and larger. Bring 9- or 10-weight rods married to a good reel with a solid drag. These fish put on a great fight and a stiff-fast action rod is needed to horse them in and also to effectively cast large flies.

Kag Lake also has a hidden bonus for fly fishers -- the local river is full of brook trout up to 20 inches long and weighing up to 5 pounds!

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