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Kesagami Wilderness Lodge

Bill Spicer proudly showing off a northern pike caught in Kesagami Lake in Ontario. • Credit: The New Fly Fisher
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Kesagami Wilderness Lodge

Experience some of the best northern pike fishing

Bill Spicer just experienced some of the best northern pike fishing of his career. Bill had long heard of the massive pike this watershed held, but the number and size of fish he caught – all on a fly rod – surprised him! Kesagami Lake Wilderness Lodge is located north of Cochrane in Kesagami Provincial Park. It is accessible only by floatplane.

Bill Spicer showing off a trophy northern pike caught in Northwestern Ontario. (Photo credit: The New Fly Fisher)

This large body of water is unique because the average depth is only seven feet, perfect for fly fishers. The two main game species in Kesagami are walleye and northern pike. The pike get very fat eating a large number of walleye that inhabit the lake. The lodge has excellent guides who are experienced with both spin fishing and fly fishing.

They use large, freighter-style canoes on the lake to get them around from location to location. Most of the big pike are caught in less than five feet of water in mixed weedbeds. In this system, large streamers that resemble perch or walleye are best. These should be in sizes 8-10 inches in length. Topwater can be an option when conditions are right, so bring some big poppers, or Dahlberg Divers to get some explosive surface takes.



The rods you want to use are 9- or 10-weight fast-action models. You need to be able to punch out big flies into the wind (just like in saltwater fly fishing), and you also need a solid backbone in your rod to fight these big fish.

How big can they be? Bill found that most of his fish were in the 35-inch plus size, with his biggest taping out at a solid 47 inches. Pike have been caught over 55 inches in length. Ensure you bring wire leader to use on your leaders, as the toothy fish will cut heavy mono or even fluorocarbon easily.

Contact Information

Owner: Charlie McDonald
Kesagami Lake Wilderness Lodge
PH: 1-800-253-3474

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