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Kesagami Wilderness Lodge

• Credit: Troy Lindner
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Kesagami Wilderness Lodge

Conservation is key to making it a world-class trophy pike fishery

Trophy pike and award-winning BBQ ribs! Yes, this is Kesagami Wilderness Lodge, located in the sub-arctic Kesagami Provincial Park. One of the most interesting facts is that the giant lake only averages about seven feet deep, but is home to pike OVER 50" and tons of 40-inchers!

And then there are the walleyes…which can wear out a fish counter quickly!

Just fishing off the dock after the sunset (which is like a gorgeous screen saver art every night), I caught a dozen walleyes in one to two feet of water within 30 minutes. That was a lot of fun! Hundred-fish days per boat are commonplace, with occasional 200-fish days… switching gears from walleye to pike is easy at Kesagami.

angler fishing at sunset

(Photo credit: Lindner Media)

The boats are unique. Big and stable 22-foot Scott Canoes provide ample room for all your gear and make fishing with two or three people a breeze. No, not your typical canoe fishing experiencemore like a modernized version of Voyageur-style travel that recalls early exploration.

kesagami scott canoe

(Photo credit: Lindner Media)

And make sure to get a shore lunch kit from the Lodge; you’ll need it! Nothing beats fresh-caught ‘eyes, Canadian-style beans with molasses, and fried potatoes, all cooked over an open fire in cast iron… Just writing about it makes me hungry again! You just can’t put a price tag on the Kesagami shore lunch experience.

kesagami shore lunch

(Photo credit: Lindner Media)

Conservation is key to making Kesagami waters a world-class trophy pike fishery.

For example, only one, single barbless hook can be used; one hook, one lure. But fear not, the fish are aggressive, willing participants and not once did I wish for treble hooks. In fact, with so many catches, single, barbless hooks make unhooking and releasing fish that much faster to get your line back in the water for more fun. You can also feel good that trophy pike are released unharmed. Along the same lines, cradles are provided for handling the big pike. My best success was with a Storm Lures 360GT Searchbait and a custom swimbait I had from years ago for big California bass. Talking with other Kesagami Lodge guests, a simple spinnerbait seemed to be the bait of choice.

Now let’s talk ribs. This lodge was formerly owned by the world-famous restaurant Michelbob's Ribs (locations in Naples and Marco Island). These are served twice a week and not to be missed!

The entire staff is very friendly and accommodating. There are 10 motel rooms in the Main Lodge, which we stayed in, and beautiful log cabins are available as well.

kesagami lodge log cabin

(Photo credit: Lindner Media)

Did I mention the trophy pike, 100-200 walleye days, and incredible shore lunches there...

For more information visit http://kesagami.com

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