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Lake Temagami Lake Trout

Lake Temagami Lake Trout

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Over the summer, I had the opportunity to set out on a fishing road trip throughout Northeastern Ontario. My first stop took me approximately 80 kilometers north of North Bay to Lake Temagami where I would get to spend a couple days exploring before heading to my next destination. Lake Temagami is said to be one of the clearest water lakes in the province. With a rugged natural landscape, endless islands, and of course great fishing, it was certainly an experience to look forward to! Lake trout, walleye, smallmouth bass, pike and whitefish are just a few species that the lake holds, among others. I had been on a lake trout kick over the summer and was anxious to chase them here, especially after seeing the photos of some of the big lakers this body of water produces.

My fishing partner, Eric, and I made our way from our home in the Ottawa area with our boat in tow to Deepwater Lodge. The Lodge is located on an island just a quick rip across from the boat launch. It is a gorgeous location with quaint rustic cabins and delicious food made by the owner, Jen. We felt completely spoiled. It was my first boat-in trip, which added even more excitement and a true get-away-from-it-all feel. I was thrilled that I could bring my own boat along. For anyone wondering, there are also boat rentals available on the lake.

Jen had Mackie, the owner of nearby Blue Haven Lodge meet up with us in his pontoon at the boat launch so we could follow him over to the island. Mackie is the local fishing expert and when Jen has angling guests, she often calls on Mackie’s expertise. It’s very evident that the community of businesses on the lake all work together to make sure all guests have a memorable experience. Mackie sat down with us to review a map of the lake and provided us some very helpful information, spots, and tips. The lake is loaded with islands (reportedly 1,259 of them), so we appreciated Mackie taking the time with us to point out some unmarked spots to be mindful of. All these islands are not only beautiful but provide structure for various species of fish (and bait) to relate to.

I couldn’t wait to get out and chase some lakers! Mackie said that most anglers troll when it comes to the lake trout, but he was excited to hear that we were interested in jigging for them. He pointed out that fish are successfully caught with both methods but typically greater numbers can be achieved with jigging in this area. I spend a lot of time trolling in the fall back home as the weather cools down, but there’s just something about jigging and using my sonar to see exactly how these fish are reacting that I find so enjoyable during the summer months.

I have been exclusively using the Sebile Vibrato for jigging lake trout this year (and have also used it on other species like smallmouth bass and walleye over the past few years since discovering it). It is a blade bait that comes in a variety of colours and sizes with an aggressive vibrating-fluttering action, hence the name. We were using the ¾ ounce in Natural Shiner and Holo Greenie colours. Whether you’re lifting it or letting it drop, you can feel the action through your fishing rod.

When jigging these lake trout up in deep water, the biggest advantage for us has been using our sonar. Being able to see our lures dropping all the way down to bottom and then being able to see whether or not fish are interested has been a real time-saver and good way to cover water to find active fish. During the warm months, these lake trout stick to the cooler deeper waters and sometimes are hugging bottom. We drove around with the trolling motor using our Humminbird to locate fish, then would drop our blade baits down to them and see if they would react. What I love about lake trout is how aggressive they can be. Upon finding active fish and dropping down the Vibrato, the lakers will race up after it. The best way to seal the deal is to reel away from them steadily and quickly. There’s nothing like seeing that red mark chasing up and the anticipation as it closes in and you feel the strike!

We both got into some nice lake trout on Lake Temagami with Eric landing the biggest on the trip thus far. You’ll have to check out my other articles from this adventure including adventures on the Montreal River, the French River, and the North Channel of Lake Huron.

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