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Land o Lakes Fishing

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Land o Lakes Fishing

Karl found these monsters closer to the main river than spot one.Closer to deeper water but with the same scattered weed beds. • Credit: Karl Kalonka

Land o'Lakes is the crown jewel of Krappie Kings

If you love crappie fishing a trip to Land o'Lakes region in Ontario that should be on your bucket list of fishing vacation destinations.

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Just returned from a road trip through the Land o'Lakes region of Ontario filming a show for season two of Krappie Kings Television and let me say, this Ontario region is one of the crown jewels of Canadian crappie destinations.

We had the opportunity to fish and film with a friend of ours Sebastian Kowalczuk who operates and guides for Cottage Fishing Adventures in eastern Ontario. Based on the unstable weather leading up to our planned arrival, we all had a little apprehension on how the constant rain, wind, cool nights and dropping water temperatures might affect the crappie bite'.

At location one, we cast slip floats and small tube jigs to scattered milfoil weed beds ranging from four to eight feet of water catching a boat load of fat bluegills and the occasion crappie in the eight to ten inch range, fun, but not what we came for. A short boat drive later we arrived at spot number two, a little closer to the main river channel that runs through the lake and tapers up to nine feet of water with the same scattered thick weed beds as spot number one, but much closer to deep water.

The results were instant.

We continued to catch bluegills, but now these chunky 'bulls' were in the ten inch class and then the clock rang four o'clock, the sun started to dip behind the hills and the big bad black crappie we came for came out of the thick deeper weed beds and began the feed feast that has to be seen to believed.

The pros with some of the days truly massive Southern Ontario crappies. (Photo credit: Karl Kalonka)

We met Sebastian at Bobs Lake Cottages on a bright, sunny and mild Sunday afternoon and after some brief discussion on lure and presentation options we launched the boat and headed to our pre-planned locations in search of these big bad black crappie.

Cast after cast produced strikes from either chunky bluegills or fat bodied black crappie in the twelve to fourteen inch range. These crappie were so aggressive, many of the bigger fish were trying to eat our tiny floats and rising like dolphins exposing there entire backs and dorsal fins while attempting to eat the floats.

It truly was a sight to behold.

Nothing caps off a successful day on the water quite like a Ontario black crappie slab stack sandwich. (Photo credit: Karl Kalonka)

With the action so intense and our desire to hook into even bigger slabs, we decided to upgrade our lure choices for four-inch soft bodied shad baits and similar spinner blade bodied baits cast over the same weed beds without the floats while using a slow cast and retrieve cadence. The crappie were so high in the water column, many of the bigger fish were already striking our baits before we could even engage the reel handles to begin our retrieve. Yes, it was that intense.

With darkness approaching and our afternoon of fishing quickly coming to an end, we decided to fish the outer weed edges leading to the deeper water and quickly hooked up with some of the most exciting crappie fishing of my entire life, hooking, losing and catching numerous black crappie in the fifteen plus in range with several fish pushing the sixteen inch range. Simply awesome crappie fishing.

All of this action was caught on camera and will be part of season two of Krappie Kings Television on the World Fishing Network, Sportsman Channel, DirecTV and Dish Networks across Canada and the U.S.A.

If you love crappie fishing as much as we do, a trip to Land o Lakes region in Ontario is a trip that should be on your bucket list of fishing vacation destinations. I can tell you, you will not be disappointed in the quality of accommodations available, the pristine natural surroundings, the fishing and of course the incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out Bobs Lake Cottages at www.bobslake.com or 215-546-7131, and CottageFishingAdventures.com or 613-419-1031.

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