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Nipigon Chinook

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Nipigon Chinook

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Nipigon River Adventures is located 60 miles east of Thunder Bay with its international airport, 5km off of the Trans Canada highway, on the doorstep of Red Rock, overlooking Lake Superior.
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James Smedley with a nice Northwestern Ontario Nipigon River Chinook salmon

Catching Salmon in Northwestern Ontario

Nipigon River Adventures in Northwestern Ontario is a great angling destination, and it is all about the Chinook Salmon.

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Chinook salmon are not our target species but with fall in the air and agreeable silvery fish in the river, the last day of our stay at Nipigon River Adventures is all about salmon.

A Trio of Gords

My friend and colleague Gord Ellis and I met here a few days ago, and are fortunate enough to be joined by our fathers – Gord Ellis Sr. and Gord Smedley. The Ellis boys are Nipigon veterans, but my dad has never been on this fabled river. The Nipigon does not disappoint on the brook trout and lake trout front. She is also generous when we narrow our focus on salmon.

James and the three Gords enjoying breakfast at Nipigon River adventures in Northwestern Ontario

From the end of August through September, the river is busy with anglers vying for chinook, coho, and pink. Popular spots include the lower river at the Nipigon Marina and upstream to the Alexander Dam. The Alexander is the first barrier to upstream movement of migratory fish and receives the bulk of attention. Anglers typically troll large diving crankbaits by boat, or even cast plugs and spoons from shore.

An Early Run of Chinook

We launch into the lower river at the Nipigon Marina and start trolling long and slender crankbaits over the undulating bottom. It isn’t long before the first salmon hits. I know it’s a salmon because of the savage aggression telegraphed up the line. But it isn’t long before I feel the telltale shimmy of my J13 Rapala.

launching at the Nipigon River Marina in Northwestern Ontario.

It seems the chinook are toying with us. I glance over at the Ellis boat and see Gord Jr. leaning back against a well-arced rod. Moments later he is seated, shoulders slumped.

Dad is the next to lose a salmon. A hard smash and lively battle ensues. I’m alarmed by the amount of line being paid out to the aggressive fish. I decide to assist my father by cranking up the drag on his reel. A few violent headshakes later and Dad’s slack line is wallowing in the breeze.

I sheepishly relay the incident to the Ellises as they troll by. When I finally hook into another salmon, Gord Sr. calls out with a grin, “Tighten up your drag.”

Nipigon River Adventures in Northwestern Ontario is a great angling destination.

I elect not to. Instead, Dad gets behind the wheel and we follow the fish downstream as I gain on it. It’s not a huge salmon, maybe 12 pounds, but it’s been airborne six times since being hooked. When I finally angle the vivacious fish to the net, I’m already daydreaming about its performance on the grill. Dad’s next fish is a four-pound lake trout he decides to bring home to my mother. We eventually leave the river, with a feed of fish and more than our limit of Nipigon memories.

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