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Perth Area Smallmouth Bass

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Perth Area Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass caught in southern Ontario's Perth Region. • Credit: The New Fly Fisher

Fly Fishing Tips and Techniques for fishing this area of Ontario

The Perth Region is #8 on the 2014 Top 10 Ontario Fly Fishing Hotspots

I love catching smallmouth bass on a fly rod on a nice summer day. Every summer I spend a lot of time visiting the lakes and rivers in the region of Perth, Ontario. The bass here are big, plentiful and super-aggressive. Sometimes I bring my boat and visit one of the dozens of public lakes in the area -- all have launches.

Best of all, it is super affordable for an angler on a budget. I just stay at one of the great hotels or motels located in Perth. The town itself is very quaint and clean with lots of neat shops and restaurants. That is why I sometimes bring my wife, she shops while I fish, and then we get together for dinner and some sightseeing. I usually bring my 6 weight fly rod and several different flylines.

The lakes here are very clear and you can see down 10 to 15 feet. Often I use an intermediate flyline with a weighted fly such as woolly buggers or zonkers to cast of rock piles, fallen trees, near docks and around drop offs. Keep tight to your line as the fish will take quickly and aggressively.

If you don’t keep a tight connection you will quickly lose the fish. Late in the day when the sun is touching the treetops, I usually switch to poppers and topwater presentations. The strike can be explosive using small yellow or black poppers. The local rivers have lots of bass as well but they tend to be a little smaller than in the lakes.

Woolly buggers and crayfish patterns do well dead-drifted in the current. The Perth region is great because I can explore different waters every time I come which is something I really enjoy. You rarely see another angler and if you do -- wave! They are probably happy to see someone else fishing as well.

To learn more visit: www.beautifulperth.com

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