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Remote Brook Trout Fishing

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Remote Brook Trout Fishing

The view of the dock from the cabin during the high waters of spring on Northwestern Ontario’s Dusey Lake. • Credit: James Smedley

The author also fished for pike and walleye while staying at this outpost on dusey lake

Remote brook trout backed up with pike and walleye in the spring.

I discovered that Seven Lakes Wilderness Camps in Nakina had reopened an old outpost camp on Dusey Lake, a large widening of the Dusey River located right in the heart of trout country. I’ve paddled the river many years previously and it always stood out as one of the finest trout rivers I’d ever fished. A call to Seven Lakes confirmed an opening early in the season and I quickly booked.

The outpost camp is the only one on the Dusey Lake system. (Photo credit: Mike Borger)

After flying in to Dusey I was struck at just how nice the outpost camp was. Recently renovated, it’s a two-bedroom camp with a large kitchen and lounge area. Hot and cold running water in both the main cabin and a separate shower room cap things off. There would be no roughing it on this trip!

Upstream from camp the river is navigable for several kilometres, until the raging waters of Loten Falls. Here we caught numerous thick-bodied trout. Dark of back with blazing orange bellies, they were just as I'd remembered. Downstream, at the river’s outlet there was a trail bypassing a kilometre-long stretch of violent rapids. At the end, a small boat and motor was cached. This opened up another 10 km of river and we made the trek several times during our weeklong stay. Our largest trout, a brilliantly coloured male, tipped the scales at 4 1/2 pounds. A fine fish to be sure, but even larger trout swim these waters. Fishing the tail out of a large pool a thick-bodied fish in the 6 pound class smashed my spoon, cartwheeled once in the heavy current and was gone.

The author with a lovely Brooktrout plucked from the waters of the Dusey River. (Photo credit: Mike Borger)

I've visited many outpost camps but few offer the angling diversity of Dusey Lake. Plus it’s the only outpost on the entire system, so you'll have it all to yourself.

Lost amid the frantic trout action was the world class walleye and pike fishing of Dusey Lake. The river entered the lake directly across from camp and the delta teemed with walleye. Drifting a jig and twister in the slow swirling current we caught one plump walleye after another, all within sight of the cabin. One afternoon I devoted myself to pike fishing and spent some time exploring a number of shallow back bays. The largest fish hammered an inline bucktail burned along a deep weed edge and taped out at 42 inches.

For those interested in travelling to Dusey, seven-day trips are available. You'll fly into camp with Nakina Air Services located on Cordingly Lake in Nakina. For more details check out www.nakinaoutpostcamps.com

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