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Smallmouth Slam Dunk

Karl and Adam fishing for smallmouth bass at Snowshoe Camp Resort on Wakomata Lake. • Credit: Karl Kalonka
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Smallmouth Slam Dunk

Snowshoe Camp Resort is on beautiful Wakomata Lake which is full of smallmouth bass, lake trout, northern pike, and whitefish.

How many licenced anglers do you think there are in North America? Sixty million, 70 million or over 100 million, probably closer to 100+ million when you consider how many people come to Ontario to fish in our province. You might think our lakes get somewhat overfished or over harvested due to the sheer numbers of anglers who come here to fish? The answer to each of those questions is simply NO!

Ontario is blessed to have thousands upon thousands of lakes and rivers that are home to countless numbers of game fish, and a lot of these pristine lakes and rivers are home to the hard-working and honest lodge operators whose sole job is to make sure their guests enjoy the best vacation possible in Ontario`s wilderness.


We had this exact experience last September while visiting with the great folks at Snowshoe Camp Resort near Thessalon, Ontario in Algoma Country, home of world-class bass fishing. Snowshoe Camp Resort is situated on beautiful Wakomata Lake, a clear body of water full of smallmouth bass, lake trout, northern pike, and whitefish. They have a sand beach and boat launch right on the property with boat rentals and free use of canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats.

As this lake and resort is not located on a remote island or hours into the bush, but rather minutes off a major highway, I didn’t exactly know what to expect in terms of fishing quality or quantity.

This place has both, and then some!

This lake is awesome in terms of numbers of smallmouth bass, size of bass, and locations to fish for bass. It really has it all. And as an added bonus, this resort gets two thumbs up from me in terms of location, scenery, and spacious, clean cabins that feel like you’re visiting a friend’s private cottage because they have furnished each to feel like home.

Our group was very impressed.

Snowshoe Camp Resort offers six housekeeping cabins that are located 5 km from the nearest highway. The cabins are surrounded by mature oak and maple trees, and they are located on the shoreline of Wakomata Lake. All cabins come equipped with a BBQ, full-size electric cook stove, full-size refrigerator, microwave, vacuum, coffee maker, pots and pans, kettle, dishes, mugs, glasses, cutlery, toilet paper, dish detergent, sheets and pillows, and a few summer weight blankets. They do not provide food, towels, extra blankets, or sleeping bags, so please bring your own. They also have laundry facilities and free Wi-Fi on site. You can find lawn chairs, a fire pit, and a picnic table at each cabin. Please note that there is no smoking in any of the cabins and that they are a pet-friendly resort. I have included some images of the exact cabin we stayed in during our stay.


We invited our friend and local fishing guide Adam Vallee of Angling Algoma to join us on this trip, enjoy some of the benefits of staying at this beautiful resort, and sample some the excellent bass fishing available on Wakomata Lake. It’s always fun when you can share some of these unforgettable angling experiences with a buddy or two and reminisce of our good times at the resort or lodge during the cold winter months.


Adam and I fishing together for one single day while staying at Snowshoe Camp Resort, due to the schedules we both have and the sheer fact that we caught so many quality bass, it would be virtually impossible to showcase this entire day catch on one single episode! Yes, it really was that good. We started out fishing the mouth of one of the creeks along a beach shoreline that tapered quickly to deep water with topwater poppers like the Strike King KVD Jr. Splash and, not 10 minutes into our start, began hitting fish in the mid to 2-plus pound range.

There's omething magical about seeing a big backed brown bass come out the water to eat a topwater lure, simply priceless.

We fished along similar shorelines with some success and ventured to some similar shorelines that had a lot of scattered rocks and boulders mixed with sand and slow tapers to deeper water. We made contact instantly with more and BIGGER, yes bigger, smallmouth bass on the topwater poppers. Wakomata lake has crystal clear water conditions, so a lot of those big bass were spotted swimming up to our lures before they actually ate the lure, now that was a blast! We couldn’t hide our excitement and joked around and laughed like little boys.


This same shoreline lead to a classical rocky point that tapered off to the main lake and was like finding gold at the end of the rainbow. Adam and I continued casting the topwater baits along the shoreline edges and out from the tapering point, and continued to catch bass after bass, with many bigger fish following hooked fish to the boat. Each time this occurred, one of us would pick up a secondary rod with a drop shot rigged with a Strike King drop shot half shell, and nice times out of 10 we caught those bigger bass cruising below our boat. Words cannot explain how much fun this was.

We continued our morning by moving off the shoreline and onto a mid-lake hump with the aid of my Garmin electronics, and found another pot of gold in the middle of the lake that had sparse grass and small perch present that attracted some really nice smallmouth bass. Seeing this activity happen in real time right below the boat was so cool, and we could almost call the shot and know when we were going to get bit, once again using the drop shot baits. We both were very impressed with the bass fishing in terms of quantity and of course quality; we took a few photos of the bigger bass and released every single bass to live another day.

Speaking to some of the other guests at the resort, we got the heads up that the winter fishing here is just as good for whitefish, lake trout, and northern pike, as the resort stays open all year and some of the best winter fishing is done almost in front of the resort.

When you’re planning your next outdoor vacation in Ontario’s wilderness, consider checking Snowshoe Camp Resort. I can honestly say it was a pleasure visiting with the kind and considerate hosts Laura and Brent Shergold, feeling like home in our cabin, and of course the awesome bass fishing that I can guarantee I will look forward to again at this resort.

Contact Information

 Snowshoe Camp Resort
Wakomata Lake Road, 9538B Hwy 129, Thessalon, ON P0R 1L0
Call: 1-705-206-0447
Or visit them on the Snowshoe Camp Resort website or contact via  email: snowshoecamp@lincsat.com.

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