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Soo Guides

Guide Tyler Dunn with Host Bill Spicer • Credit: Colin McKeown
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Soo Guides

From lakes and rivers to rapids, these guides will help you tackle that trophy fish in Algoma Country & Sault Ste. Marie

The St. Mary’s River, which flows through Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, has become renowned for the quality of its fishery and the long season it can produce excellent fishing. Outside of Sault Ste Marie, the region of Algoma (Northern Ontario) has also been growing in popularity with fly fishers as an exceptional destination for brook trout, smallmouth bass, northern pike, salmon, and much more.

All this great fishing, hundreds of pristine lakes and rivers…but the main question for first-time visiting anglers is, where to start? Thankfully, Algoma and Sault Ste Marie (known as “the Soo”) is blessed with several outstanding and professional guides who can help direct you to the right place and at the right time to be successful.

Adam with Bill
Angling Algoma's Adam Vallee with The New Fly Fisher Host Bill Spicer

For those that love big Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass (like I do), then guides Adam Vallee and Tyler Dunn are your best bet. Both grew up fishing in the Algoma region and are ardent bass fishers, whether with a fly rod or bait caster. In fact, Adam has been quit active in Canada and the USA fishing in bass tournaments. You can bring your own boat, or both guides have their own craft to take you to lakes and rivers. Usually customers either stay in Sault Ste. Marie at one of the many hotels, inns. and motels, while others often stay outside of the city at lodges and resorts. This allows for shorter driving distances to lakes and rivers that are productive for bass.

My daughter spent several days with Adam Vallee fishing from his boat and catching some massive 4- to 6-pound smallmouth on poppers. They stayed at Limberlost Lodge, which is a conveniently located to have good access to smallies. Conversely, on another occasion, Tyler Dunn took my daughter to Lake Superior to search for big smallmouth off pencil weeds and other structure. They did exceptionally well using white streamers that simulated smelt in the area. Both Tyler and Adam can guide on the St. Mary’s as well for steelhead and salmon.


Adam with Jenna
Adam Vallee with Jenna McKeown

For those who are keen to catch Atlantic salmon or steelhead on a fly, then professional guide John Giuliani is the man to reach out to. With over 30 years’ experience fishing on this river, John fully comprehends the critical aspects of how the river acts to water level changes, time of season, and especially what species are coming in. His favourite species to target is unquestionable the Atlantic salmon. John can guide you from shore, walking and wading, or at certain times of the season, even from his boat.

Sometimes the fish want smelt patterns, often it is big stoneflies, but either way, John will help set you up with the right flies to help get you into the steelhead, salmon, and other species that come upriver. I have seen him help new anglers catch the biggest salmon of their lives with new techniques they’ve never seen before. John is the consummate professional and a thoroughly knowledgeable guide on the St. Mary’s River.

John Giuliani

John with Bill
John Giuliani with a "Soo Salmon"

After numerous years of fishing new locations, if there is one thing I have learned to help raise your fishing success, it’s hiring a high-quality guide. They will take you to the best fishing locations, demonstrate what to use and how, and ensure you enjoy your quality time on any Algoma river or lake. Having fished with a great number of guides in the USA, Canada, and internationally, I can honestly say that Adam, John, and Tyler are all in my top 10 guides based on their quality of knowledge, fun factor, and also helping you have success on the water.



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Phone: 705-206-0984

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