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Fish voracious crappie, bass, pike and muskie

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Fish voracious crappie, bass, pike and muskie

Fish TV stayed at Trudeau’s Park Resort and Event Centre. We enjoyed our time so much that we knew that we had to start planning another visit. • Credit: Leo Stakos

Fishing a secret fishing spot in Ontario

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Growing up within a half hour of Tweed, I would pass through several times a year on route to our family cottage in the Land O’ Lakes. Many times we would stop in to visit my Aunt and Uncle who had a cottage on Stoco Lake. You would think that during that time I would have begun to uncover the secrets of Stoco Lake, but that hasn’t happened until recently. That spring we had stayed at Trudeau’s Park Resort and Event Centre, which also features 13 rooms including 3 suites that can sleep up to 8 people. 

Stoco Lake is located between Toronto and Ottawa right off Highway 7 in Tweed, Ontario.

Tweed has a few secrets. Did you know that in 1989 the Ottawa branch of the Elvis Sighting Society declared that Elvis was alive and well and was living in Tweed? Even a reporter from the Toronto Sun came to investigate the rumours. But Elvis isn’t the only secret in Tweed. As a kid, I would take a rod down and make a few casts off of the dock while visiting Stoco lake. As dusk would set in, I would occasionally catch a few weedline cruising walleye and the odd bass, though it was stories of the elusive giant muskies that would fascinate me and keep my toes out of the water.

Today the secret is out and Stoco Lake has gained recognition as a popular muskie fishery in this part of Ontario. In 1996, there was even a rumour of a CFL expansion franchise to reside in Tweed and would be called the "Tweed Muskies". However, as many anglers visit Stoco focusing on their quest for the apex predator, many other species are overlooked.

It was actually while ice fishing that I discovered the lake’s black crappie population.While targeting walleye, I noticed a few crappies swim by on my underwater camera. They were quickly chased off by a rather large muskie, but this sighting motivated me to return in April at ice out to investigate this crappie population further.

A few weeks later, Leo, Ron and Grant came down to share the action. It was some of the best crappie fishing that any of us had experienced. In talking to others around the lake, it was the consensus that the black crappie population on Stoco lake indeed was a secret, as even anglers who live on the lake did not know of their existence.

muskie fishing
(Photo credit: Fish TV)

If you are looking to get away to a small community that features year round exploration and adventures, Tweed is a great option. Perhaps pair up a fishing adventure with one of Tweed’s events such as the Tweed Stampede, Doomsday Dash, Our Backyard Feast from Farm, the Elvis Festival and the Tweed Fair. In fact there is even a Spring Black Crappie Tournament now!

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