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Summer Lake Trout

Summer Lake Trout

Follow Fishing Blogger Ashley Rae as she explores a large deep lake for the break in of her newly upgraded boat.

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This summer has been a very exciting one so far as I very recently upgraded my aluminum bass boat to a deep-v. While sticking with the same brand of boat and engine (Alumacraft/Yamaha), this boat will mean more time on the water into the colder months and the ability to navigate bigger water at ease. Wind conditions will always be a factor for safety-sake but with the higher gunnels and deeper hull, this boat offers more shelter. I even picked up a Bimini top for the late-late-season fishing. I plan to be out there until the ice stops me! What this boat also means for me is more multi-species fishing opportunities! During the summer months, largemouth and smallmouth bass are what I spend the majority of my time targeting but since my new boat arrived, I’ve spent quite a bit of time focusing on lake trout!

My boyfriend, Eric, and myself picked a large deep lake for the break-in of our new boat so we could drive up and down the lake getting the motor broken-in properly from the very beginning. The lake we happened to choose holds lake trout and we noticed many of them on the sonar when cruising around for those first few hours of driving. After the break-in period, we went after some bass for a little while and then headed to deeper waters to see how we fared with the lakers. Chasing them in open water is not something either of us had spent a lot of time on as we typically only targeted them through the ice. Though targeting lake trout on the ice is a lot of fun, the open water season is my absolute favourite. It’s not just because of the comfortable weather conditions; it also provides an opportunity to cover a lot of water quickly.

We have exclusively been vertical jigging these lake trout up using blade baits (in natural colours) and white tubes. The blade baits have certainly been the better choice and the most success has come in and around 70 to 90 feet of water. We have been marking fish deeper and even shallower but that seems to be the magic depth range. Using the sonar and trolling motor to position ourselves over the fish, I’ll drop down and let the blade bait make it’s way almost all the way down to a fish but I’ll start reeling up before it gets too close. When interested, these fish will come streaking up towards it sometimes even before I get right down to their level. When they start chasing I’ll reel away from them at a steady pace playing a bit of keep-away. When they hit, there’s no question about it! They smack it with intention, so you have to be ready to set the hook on them. The battle with a lake trout of any size is a blast and their power is pretty unreal.

Lake trout can also be extremely finicky and will come in hot after a bait, chasing like they’re going to hit at any second only to put on the brakes and drop back down vanishing out of the sonar beam. Was it something I said?! These fish drive me a little mad sometimes and leave me scratching my head. Sometimes they will show absolutely no interest at all, not even a sniff. It’s a lot of fun trying to figure these fish out and that’s what I love about fishing in general and learning about a species I’m not as familiar with. As mentioned, they are still fairly new to me in open water so I look forward to learning more about these fish in the coming weeks.

In just a few days I’ll be on the road heading to Lake Temagami, which I have heard is a great lake trout destination! I’ve been looking forward to this trip since the beginning of the year! After doing some searching on Google, I’ve seen some real monsters and sure hope to get a shot at some of the big lakers on this trip. You can follow me on social media to see the latest photos from my fishing adventures. The best place to find all my social media channels is through my blog, SheLovesToFish.com.

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