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The Fish of a Lifetime

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The Fish of a Lifetime

Fish with Peterborough Carping Guides

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• Credit: Ashley Rae

Carp Fishing with Peterborough Carping Guides

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Fishing, like any sport, is always challenging us and pushing us to achieve our best. For some that means crossing a new species off the bucket list, while for others it’s accomplishing that new personal best. Certainly there are other reasons to enjoy fishing, but I think we all have the above mentioned in common. It’s one of the greatest feelings to be able to accomplish these goals, but I feel that it’s even more special when helping someone else to realize a fishing dream. One of my favourite memories this year was a two-for-one goal including a new species checked off the list that also happened to be the biggest fish of a lifetime for a young angler named Jaden. This is how it all happened.

A few weeks back I was visiting Peterborough to do some carp fishing with local expert Will Muschett of Peterborough Carping Guides. Will is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to carp fishing, and is very passionate about sharing his expertise and teaching others. He offers a guiding service for anglers of all ages to learn and experience the thrill of carp fishing using specialized techniques and equipment. Although carp fishing is not new for me, I am always keen to meet new anglers and learn more from them. There’s no end to learning in any type of fishing, no matter how many years you’ve been at it. I was definitely looking forward to spending some time fishing with Will, and I knew it wouldn’t be the last outing with him.

Sharing my fishing adventures on social media and beyond has provided me with an amazing opportunity to meet anglers of all ages from around the world. This is how I came to hear about Jaden. Terry connected with me through Facebook had been sending me photos over the years of fish caught by his son, Jaden. Although Jaden is just 12 years old, he has landed some seriously impressive fish so far. My boyfriend Eric and I would be joining Will in Peterborough and I decided to invite Jaden and his family to join us, as they are local to the area. It would be their first time targeting carp and we were all excited and hopeful for Jaden to land his first!

(Photo credit: Ashley Rae)

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Upon meeting up in the morning, we walked Jaden and his father through our carp gear: the pod, rods, reels, rigs, and other equipment we would be using. Pop-ups were the primary presentation. Jaden’s mom also stopped in to visit with us later in the morning. We chummed the area, chatted and waited for that first bite. I told them that carp fishing is fun and social but as soon as a fish is on, it’s the best kind of chaos there is! Eric hooked in to the first fish of the day just as he was about to pick up his rod and re-cast. It was our first flurry of excitement and certainly got everyone pumped up for some more carp! Jaden gave Eric a hand to get a photo with the fish and was amazed at the size of these fish.

(Photo credit: Ashley Rae)

Shortly after the excitement of the first fish of the day, Jaden’s rod went off twice in a row, but unfortunately both fish came unbuttoned. It happens sometimes, but the day was young and we put out lots of chum; we could see plenty of carp in the area, jumping and rolling on the surface.

Just as we had hoped, Jaden’s rod went off again, and this time we worked together to help him get this one in. I helped Jaden steady the rod while Will was ready with the net. Jaden did an amazing job reeling this fish in, and it’s no easy task. After a few runs, the carp finally made it to shore where Will scooped it up.

(Photo credit: Ashley Rae)

We were all cheering and we even had a bit of an audience gather from people who were walking and driving by. Jaden’s first ever carp weighed in at a whopping 18 pounds! What an introduction to carp fishing! This was Jaden’s biggest fish ever, and he was glowing and smiling ear to ear. His father, Terry also had the opportunity to reel in a carp shortly after. We had a wonderful day; like Jaden, we were all smiling uncontrollably. It was such a thrill to see how excited he was and to be part of the experience.

(Photo credit: Ashley Rae)

(Photo credit: Ashley Rae)

After the excitement of both Jaden and his father landing their fish, it was time for Jaden to head off to hockey practice. We said our goodbyes and Jaden told us that it was the best day of his life. I’m still smiling about it. It’s amazing that fish can have such an impact on our lives, whether or not we are the ones who caught it. Congratulations to Jaden, and I look forward to our next fishing adventure together! Thank you to Will at Peterborough Carping Guides for this amazing adventure. Can’t wait to visit again!

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