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Walleye World in Northwestern Ontario

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Walleye World in Northwestern Ontario

Book your next fishing trip with Maynard Lake Lodge

Maynard Lake Lodge is located on a prime position on the esteemed English River System. Accessible only by float plane, Maynard is found 50 air miles Northeast of Kenora, Ontario.
The sun sets on another great day at Northwestern Ontario’s Maynard Lake

Guided, fly-in fishing at Maynard Lake Lodge.

Jeff Gustafson explores a small fly-in only lake that's big on weed walleye.

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As we pulled away from the docks at Maynard Lake Lodge, I asked my guests which direction they wanted to go.  I had flown in with them the evening before in a small float plane and was going to be their “guest” guide over the next few days. We’d hit it off at dinner the night before, and it looked like it was going to be a fun few days of fishing.

Maynard Lake is a widening of the English River smack dab in the heart of the best walleye waters in the world.  A fly-in only lake, Maynard is surrounded by great fisheries like Lac Seul, Lake of the Woods, and Red Lake. It stands out because, despite its relatively small size, it offers everything a big lake does including river fishing, weed walleye, and suspended offshore fish.  Few lakes offer such diversity, plus it’s absolutely loaded with walleye from eating sized to wall hangers!

A happy guest at Northwestern Ontario’s Maynard Lake Lodge

My guests were friends from the Chicago area who had been making the annual summer fishing trip to Maynard for years. Like other repeat clientele, they are as happy with the fishing as they are with the log cabin accommodations and fine dining in the main lodge.

Our first priority was to box up some walleye for shore lunch. The camp owner, Josh Mychalyshyn, knows how important a good shore lunch is, and each day guests meet at one of several designated shore lunch spots.  Usually it’s fried walleye, battered in Mychalyshyn’s secret recipe, with his father Dale’s famous Cajun pike boil mixed in every few days.

We wasted no time in putting a few eater-sized walleye in the boat above Maynard Falls, at the west end of the lake.  A couple of quick drifts and we had our contribution. Indeed it would be difficult not to catch enough walleye for lunch at Maynard, but if you ever did show up at lunch without fish you would certainly hear about it.

A 1/4 oz jig tipped with a soft plastic minnow bait is a deadly weapon at Northwestern Ontario’s Maynard Lake

Our weapons were ¼-ounce jigs tipped with small soft plastic minnows.  We caught literally hundreds of walleye over the next three days. We also caught a bunch of top water smallmouths in nearby Bass Lake, as well as a handful of solid pike on Maynard.

As expected, it was a great few days of fishing for guests and guide. Fly-in fishing is great for all the obvious reasons, but the Mychalyshyns make it even better with their warm hospitality and great customer service that brings guests back year after year. 

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