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Remote Fishing Trips in Ontario

The author with one of plenty walleyes from the weekend. • Credit: Samantha Boyce
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Remote Fishing Trips in Ontario

Fishing on Lac Seul with Kay-Air Outposts

Want to Truly Get Away? Try a Weekend in the Only Cabin on the Lake.

Sunday morning at 5 am I'm startled awake by the sound of a ringing phone. On any normal morning I would have rolled over and buried my head under a pillow, but today I knew it was Brian making sure I was awake for our five-hour drive from Thunder Bay to Ear Falls, Ontario where Kay-Air Outposts'main base is located, on famous Lac Seul. This lake is famous for its walleye fishing, along with bass, pike, and musky. If you want a drive-in lodge on Lac Seul, Kay also offers a drive-in portion, and this would be your place to stay, with lots of fishing opportunities and sightseeing in the area.

After our five-hour drive, we finally met with Pete -- the owner of the lodge and also the pilot; a long-time friend of Brian’s as well. Kay Air offers three fly-in lakes; Birch Lake, Casummit and Saddle Lake. Casummit and Saddle Lake offer the privacy of being the only cabin on the lake. We decided to make the fly-in to Saddle Lake.

Saddle Lake is located 104 miles northeast of the main base. It is approximately five miles long by two miles wide and it offers some of the best walleye and northern pike fishing around. The outpost cabin sleeps up to 8 people and comes with so many amenities you wouldn’t expect when you are this remote, running water, shower, propane, pretty much everything you would need.

Pete and his co-pilot loaded up the plane, and we were on our way for an hour-long flight over many small lakes and river systems. So scenic. It is common to see plenty of wildlife from the air on this trip. Pete was always on the lookout trying to spot moose, bears, or some sort of wildlife for us to see. He managed to spot a huge black bear making his way around the forest, and pointed it out to us right away. Wow! What a sight to see from the air!

Pete takes off on the plane, a photo taken from the dock. (Photo credit: Samantha Boyce)

After the hour-long plane ride, we arrived at our destination, Saddle Lake. I could see a few walleye jumping while I was sitting in the plane, maybe from being spooked as the plane was coming in close to the dock, and I already had an idea how good the fishing was going to be. After settling all of our luggage and food into the cabin, we watched Pete take off on his plane. Now it was just us on our very own lake with no one else in sight! We had all weekend to do all the fishing we want!

We decided to try doing a little fishing off the dock, just to confirm what we had seen through the plane window. Using a jig tipped with a minnow, we both cast our lines about 20 feet off the dock from us. I couldn't believe it: five seconds after Brian's first cast he already had on a nice walleye. Just as I was going over to check it out I felt something slam my line, and I had one on too. Both of these walleye were around 17 inches. We fished for about an hour, and between the two of us, we reeled in 40 walleye and a few pike, all from the dock. It goes to show that lakes like this with no population and less fishing pressure have absolutely amazing fishing!

The walleye would not stop biting off the dock, but we finally made the decision to load up the boat and go explore the rest of Saddle Lake, the reason we came.

Sunset and the boats at Saddle Lake
Sunset and the boats at Saddle Lake. (Photo credit: Samantha Boyce)

Fishing was no different, it seemed almost anywhere we went the walleye were there, and they were hungry all throughout the day. This continues through our entire weekend!

We kept our limit of walleye, enough to enjoy a fresh fish fry for dinner and Brian decided to hit the dock again for the night bite as I was preparing our fish fry. I could see him out the window holding up a big walleye off the dock and giving me the thumbs up. The fishing clearly was on fire once again. As we stopped to enjoy our wonderful feed of fresh walleye for our dinner, the sun had begun to set in the background, which made for a picture-perfect setting to enjoy our wonderful meal.

Fishing, stopping for meals then more fishing that was our entire weekend! It was bitter-sweet to pack up our gear at the end of our amazing fishing adventure and wait for Pete to pick us up on the plane.

Brian with a nice looking walleye.
Brian with a nice-looking walleye. (Photo credit: Samantha Boyce)

Another short hour later, we arrived back at the Kay Air outpost base, and already we were both missing Saddle Lake. We discussed our weekend adventure with Pete, swapping fishing stories, and then it was time to make the drive back home to Thunder Bay. What an amazing weekend we had, and a fishing trip I will never forget.

To all you anglers out there, this is the trip for you! Kay-Air offers many other fishing trips, as well as Moose Guided trips. Check out their website www.kayair.com for more information.

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