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Ontario’s “Moose Whisperer"

I can’t even express the emotions I felt when I saw him down and put my hands on his antlers -- which, by the way, were incredibly unique. • Credit: Babe Winkelman
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Ontario’s “Moose Whisperer"

The Story of My Bowhunting Success North of the Border in Sunset Country

My husband Babe Winkelman writes hunting columns when he’s not out filming episodes of “Outdoor Secrets” television. When he said he was going to write a story about my first moose, I told him I wanted to do it. So here goes…

Ever since I started bowhunting, getting a bull moose has been at the top of my bucket list. So when I had the opportunity to go to Ontario with Babe for an archery moose hunt with Canoe Canada Outfitters, I jumped at the chance. I was especially excited to hunt with my guide Larry Ogden, who people refer to as “The Moose Whisperer”, for his ability to mimic a lovesick cow and bring bulls in on a string.

Despite dealing with rough weather at the beginning of the trip, we finally got some favorable conditions one fateful afternoon -- and Larry did his magic. While I was expecting a rutting bull to come charging in all fired up and thrashing trees, the opposite happened.

Kris  Babe Ontario MooseresizeKris with her trophy moose. (Photo credit: Babe Winkelman)

My bull slipped into the swampy slashing like a ghost. He didn’t make a sound! I spotted him at about 50 yards and didn’t have much time to mess around. I had been practicing that yardage with my bow and had total (OK, almost total) confidence in hitting the bulls-eye. I mean, I was shaking like a leaf!

“Thwack” went the arrow and the lung-shot bull didn’t go far before piling up. I can’t even express the emotions I felt when I saw him down and put my hands on his antlers -- which by the way were incredibly unique. He had drop tines! That’s really rare for a moose. He was an old bull on the downward curve in old age, and that can make their antlers get very non-typical.

I’m so grateful to my guide and for having a neighbor like Ontario just across the U.S. border. The hunting and fishing we Americans get to enjoy up there is so incredible.

Now, on to my next bucket list bowhunt...

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