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Ontario's Elk Hunt

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Ontario's Elk Hunt

• Credit: Tim Gane

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First Elk Hunt in Ontario in a Century

The first elk hunt in Ontario in more than a century will be held in Bancroft-North Hastings area this fall.

The elk population in the area has flourished and continues to grow at a healthy rate since being reintroduced to the province 10 years ago. Between 1998 and 2001, the elk population was restored by shipping elk herd from Alberta to four sites in Ontario including Bancroft-North Hastings. The elk hunt will help manage the population in this area, and will be carefully harmonized to ensure a long-term sustainable elk population.

A limited number of licenses and seals one through a random draw process for designated Wildlife Management Units in the Bancroft-North Hastings area. The first short season was slated to run from September 19 to 25 in 2011.

All Elk Hunters

These regulations are different from moose and deer hunting. The elk hunt only takes place in parts of southern Ontario where to herds are self-sustaining.

About Firearms

May only be hunted with a firearm (this includes bows).

Hunting with Dogs

Dogs may NOT be used for hunt elk.

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