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About the Opinionated Authors on this Website

About the Opinionated Authors on this Website

About the Opinionated Authors on this Website

We strive to turn real motorsports passion into unforgettable stories and truly informative articles. Our goal is to bring attention to every corner of Ontario motorsports. To do so, we seek out travellers and aficionados who honestly know what they are talking about and invite them to contribute to an evolving conversation about what makes riding in Ontario so insanely great. As such, you should not be surprised when one of these authors volunteers an opinion or is willing to stick their neck out and claim they have found the best burger in Ontario or have declared that they know, definitively, the best way to get to Port Dover from Ottawa.

But please be advised: any opinions expressed on these pages belong to those who authored the content and do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone, or any organization, other than the author. 

Don’t agree with what one of these authors has written? Or have you seen a part of Ontario that we haven't covered?—please let us know! You can leave a comment or email us at ian@thenewbusiness.ca. We're always looking for new authors. Pitch your story to us. We pay for content too!

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