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An Outsider Look Into the Ottawa Valley

Towards Algonquin Provincial Park • Credit: Alexandra Sawicki
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An Outsider Look Into the Ottawa Valley

Genevieve Schmitt Discovers Ontario's Hidden Gem

When it comes to motorcycle destinations in Canada, riders south of the border may think of the Rocky Mountains as the place to go. But for everyone located this side of the Great Divide, that could be one very daunting trip. We know there are great adventures to be had for Ontario riders who want that once-in-a-lifetime trip, and one that's more accessible than the Rockies. The 2000km Lake Superior Circle Tour comes to mind.  But what about just going out for the week? Or the weekend? Or if you're lucky enough to live nearby, just a day trip? 

In her article for Women Riders Now, Montana rider Genevieve Schmitt shares her findings on the Ottawa Valley and it's allure to motorcyclists both near and far. Exploring the farmlands, quaint towns and many things to do between Ottawa and Algonqiun Provincial Park, she discovers the Ottawa Valley as an accessible attraction for an avid rider who's as interested in the sights and stops along the way as much as the ride itself. 

And as it turns out, there's no shortage of reasons to stop and have a look around. Majestic hikes, deep cave exploration and the famous rapids of the "whitewater capital of the world" are among the many activities to tire you out. Fortunately there are many resorts and hotels to welcome  the road-weary rider.

The Ottawa Valley Tourist Association is making a big push to reach out to motorcycle riders and especially women riders. The friendly people and variety of the rides make it an easy getaway destination for single or group trips.

Check out the Ride the Highlands site to see just how extensive the possiblities are for motrocycling in this area.

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