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Motorcycle Trips from Ohio

Motorcycle touring in Ontario's Highlands. Photo: Martin Lortz
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Motorcycle Trips from Ohio


Looking for a road trip across the border? Here are the 5 best Ontario motorcycle routes for the rider coming from the Buckeye State.

Ohio is blessed with many great motorcycle routes. Enough that some riders could be content to spend a lifetime cruising within state lines. But for those who've been there done that when it comes to the Triple Nickel, ridden Ohio's cousin to Tail of the Dragon enough, or gone deep into Amish Country and are ready for more, it's time to venture out further afield.

Not far from Ohio, across the border into Ontario, Canada, lies a world of new riding adventures.

I’m sure your buddies have told you about the great riding just north of Lake Erie. They’ve likely described wide open highways, quiet and curvy backroads, and friendly Canucks welcoming riders around every corner.

But the question you’re left with is: where exactly should you ride?

Here are a few suggestions for routes into Ontario for riders coming in from Ohio, in order of proximity.

1. Cruise the Coast

Less a route than a series of routes, Cruise the Coast are the motorcycle routes crafted and maintained by Ontario’s Southwest, the region with the most proximity to the Buckeye State. They’re also home to Port Dover, where the legendary Friday the 13th event takes place every year. We recommend checking out the area's 12 routes any time of year though.

2. Lake Erie Circle Tour

While there's no official route for the Lake Erie Circle Tour, this ride is a pretty clear path—just don’t drive into the lake while getting as close as you can. You can use the Waterfront Trail signs through much of the Ontario side to show you where to go. Click here for our in-depth report on how to plan a motorcycle trip around Lake Erie.

3. Ride the Edge

Probably the most recognizable region in Ontario, Explorers’ Edge encompasses Muskoka as well as Algonquin Park and has created two motorcycle routes, the Big Loop and the Small Loop, both of which are easily reached by riding up Highway 11 or 400. The scenery is iconically Canadian with lakes, rivers, quaint towns and winding backroads, all framed by the rocks of the Canadian Shield. Check the video to see what it’s all about!

4. Ride the Highlands

A bit more of a hike, Ride the Highlands offers some of the best pure riding experiences in Ontario. Plenty of wild elevation changes, twisty rural roads and good pavement, along with a bunch of businesses that have banded together to make motorcycle tourists feel right at home. And for a limited time, you can get a railroad spike made into a bottle opener as a commemorative gift when you ride there!

5. Ride Lake Superior

This is a bucket list trip, and not necessarily something that can be done in a weekend. You’ll be riding for at least a day just to get to the start of the route. However, it's easily the biggest and baddest route in the province.

The Ride Lake Superior route is for the long-distance cruisers, the Harley and Goldwing riders who aren’t afraid to put on 500+ miles a day. Less technical than some other rides, the views and wide open roads are what make it so very special.

Check out the Ride Lake Superior route on the Go Tour Interactive Trip Planner

If you’re looking for some guidance on crossing the border into Canada, check out our article here, and don’t forget to like and follow What A Ride on Facebook—we’re updating ride conditions throughout the province all year.

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