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KIMbits & KATtales

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KIMbits & KATtales

Dear Santa...

As it gets to cold to ride KAT goes over some of motorcycle gift ideas.

I’m not quite ready to tuck her in for her winter’s nap just yet…

After my first full season of riding and the accumulation of thousands of kilometres in the saddle, I’m already planning for next year’s adventures while still hoping for one or two more before the roads are covered and it’s time to admit defeat to ice and snow.

Some of my friends have already prepped their bikes for hibernation and have moved on to celebrating the imminent arrival of snowmobiling season. Me? I find myself sneaking peeks into the shed and checking on Ruby to make sure she’s okay. Typical ‘newbie’, I suppose. 

I already find myself suffering from PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome).

I already find myself counting down the days to the big motorcycle shows in the New Year.

We’re almost into December, but I’m already making a list. 

Checking it twice. 

Hoping that I’ve been less ‘naughty’ and more ‘nice’.

With that in mind, and with Christmas less than a month away, that list I mentioned has an awful lot to do with the fact that I now consider myself a member of the ‘brother/ sisterhood’. 

I learned a lot about myself this year. 

I learned a great deal more about Ruby; what makes her tick, what felt comfortable when we went out for a ride, what things I love about her and what things I think I would like to change to make her more my own.

Purchases this season included a rain suit, motorcycle cover, and hand warmers.

Purchases for next season may or may not include longer pegs, a detachable windshield, a full helmet, and gauntlet gloves for cold weather riding.  Like I said—I’m making a list.

Those items aren’t really something that you buy for a biker; bikers prefer to customize their bikes in their own way, and half of the pleasure of changing your bike in any way comes from the research, shopping and decision-making process that goes along with it.

So, what to put on the ‘wish list’ that family and friends ask for as the holidays draw closer?

I’m glad you asked…

Here are just a few ideas and a few websites to visit when it comes to finding (or suggesting) the perfect gifts for bikers:



When you get to this site, you can do a search for everything from ‘biker’ to ‘motorcycle’ to ‘Harley’. From motorcycle-themed t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies to posters, bumper stickers, drinkware, calendars and more, cafepress.ca is a great on-line shopping destination for unique gift ideas when it comes to the rider on your list. Know someone who’s celebrating going from ‘biker’ to ‘biker momma’? You’ll find everything from baby bibs, onesies, bags and totes to baby blankets hats, and teddy bears with sayings like, “My daddy’s motorcycle is faster than your daddy’s motorcycle” and “If I’m crying, it’s because mommy went riding without me” on them. I always have a great time surfing this site and checking out things like magnets, licence plate frames, Christmas tree ornament and even bowls for your pets. If you are looking for something decidedly different, make sure you add this site to your Christmas list.

Shutterfly-logo resized

Whether you take most of your photos on your cell phone or you’ve got the latest digital SLR camera, chances are that you usually take a snap or two when you are out riding. For one of the most unique and treasured gifts you can give—to yourself or the riders on your list—why not consider a personalized photo book?

I create a ‘yearbook’ every year for me and my girls; it contains pictures of significant events, shots of my garden, photos of family and friends, and bits & pieces of the celebrations and everyday special little things that together makeup the story of the last twelvemonths of our lives. Why not do the same thing with pictures of your last road trip or day trip? What about shots of the members of your riding group or club? Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when you give them a book filled with reminders of the special moments they’ve had riding over the past season or even their lifetime? Shutterfly’s website is one of the most user-friendly sites I’ve ever encountered. Browse the site once you get there, and you’ll discover ways to take your favourite riding photos and turn them into mouse pads, coffee mugs, travel mugs, throw blankets, puzzles, playing cards, and countless other items. The customer service is superb, the quality of the items is excellent, and the shipping time is well within expected timeframes.


amazonca logo C


The proverbial ‘go to’ website for reliable gifts that are both cost-effective and topic-specific, amazon.ca is the place to go when you want something ‘motorcycle’. From ‘Motorcycle: The Definitive Visual History’ to ‘How To Repair Your Motorcycle’ to ‘Motorcycle Journeys Through North America: A guide for choosing and planning unforgettable motorcycle journeys’, there are hundreds of books to enlighten and intrigue. Add calendars, videos, DVDs and more to the mix, and it’s a one-stop Christmas gift shop.

Griz the garden gnome resized

And then there are the unique and unusual…

I found ’Grizelda’, my biker garden gnome, by doing a simple Google search for ‘Biker Garden Gnomes’. 

I am nothing short of amazed when it comes to the eclectic array of toys, gadgets, biker wear, accessories and clothing that are as close as the internet or your nearest dealership.

Last year, I was on the receiving end of a great canvas ‘toolbox’ filled with everything from a funnel for when I change Ruby’s oil to a metric wrench set to cleaning cloths to a magnetic ‘bowl’ that attaches to your bike and holds all of the nuts and bolts, etc that can tend to go missing when you’re working on your ride. I loved it. It was the perfect ‘starter kit’ for a novice rider, and I felt like a real biker when I carted it back and forth from the shed this summer.

Yes, we can get a little cranky when it comes time to put the bike away for the winter, but with Christmas on the horizon, we can enjoy dreaming of a white and a ‘bike’ Christmas. 




Oh! One other great idea? For the biker who has ‘everything’, why not pick up an admission to the Motorcycle Supershow at the International Centre in Toronto in January? What better way to start off the New Year than wandering the show and finding great deals on gear, learning about riding clubs and groups, taking in some great entertainment, and maybe even finding your next ride? According to the show’s website: “A true shopping extravaganza, the Motorcycle SUPERSHOW hosts hundreds of exhibits. In addition to the unveiling of the new Motorcycles the Motorcycle SUPERSHOW has the largest display of Motorcycles, Non-current and Pre-owned Bikes, Aftermarket Parts and Accessories, Rider Apparel and Helmets, Performance Equipment, Trailers, Travel Destinations, Custom Bike Builders, and a full range of Leather Fashions. The Motorcycle SUPERSHOW offers the largest marketplace in North America for Everything in Motorcycling.”

Happy New Year, indeed!


For more great Christmas gift ideas, consider a visit to the following:


KAT (aka KimberleeAnna) will be contributing to this site on a regular basis, and is looking forward to sharing her adventures with you. To reach KAT by email, send your questions and/or comments to kattales@rogers.com




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