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Watch the Trailer for Crossroads featuring Graham Jarvis, Colton Haaker

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Watch the Trailer for Crossroads featuring Graham Jarvis, Colton Haaker

The Sequel to Fifty Years of Kicks launches April 28th

Fifty Years of Kicks is one of the greatest motorcycle documentaries ever (and it's free to watch online). Dallas Shannon, the director of the original, explains the concept for the follow up documentary!

Like all worthwhile projects, all you need is not enough time and not enough money and everything will work out fine. Last summer we filmed the sequel to Fifty Years of Kicks and on April 28th, we'll be launching it - the film is called "Crossroads" featuring Graham Jarvis, Colton Haaker, Jamie Baskerville and the two living legends, Paul Rodden and Larry Murray and the trailer is below!

Graham Jarvis came to Mattawa to attend some Husqvarna motorcycle business in August, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to stage a meet-up with arguably the best off-road motorcycle rider on the planet.

Graham Jarvis has been on two wheels his entire life – from trials bikes to his current discipline, Hard Enduro.  Graham has consistently won the toughest off-road events in the world and is currently on top of the sport.

Graham Jarvis

With a bit of finesse and a heap of luck, Graham agreed to participate in the sequel of our first film, Fifty Years of Kicks. This inspirational short documentary film is about two aging off-road riders, Paul Rodden and Larry Murray, who refuse to give into social norms and physical ailments which threaten to end their riding careers.

 This year Paul Rodden faces a milestone birthday – 75 years old, which seemed a great time to catch up with Paul and film a sequel.

Motojournalism Larry Murray left Paul Rodden right 1210px

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