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Motorcycle Tour Videos

Still from last summer's Ride the Highlands video
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Motorcycle Tour Videos

When you can't be riding, these videos are the next best thing

We love to write about riding, but nothing compares to seeing riders in action. Here are the best Ontario motorcycling videos we’ve found. #ontariomotoroads

There’s no replacement for riding—wind in your hair, sun on your face, and the feeling of complete freedom. But, when you can’t ride, the next best thing is video. We’ve rounded up a ton of videos for your viewing pleasure (click here to browse our YouTube page), so here are the very best ones to check out! If you've got a video you think we should see, drop us a line and we'll include it here!

Michigan to Ontario and Back

YouTube user Jonathan Long put together this video of his 1,200-mile, three-day road trip from Michigan but spending most of this time in Canada. This is a pretty honest representation of the experience. During the trip they crossed into Northern Ontario using the MS Chi-Cheemaun ferry from Tobermory and did one of the best rides in Ontario; The Grand Algoma. He shows off Highway 129 and on day three, hits the epic Trans-Canada south from Wawa back to his home in Petoskey, Michigan (with a bit too much rain to show off the scenery.)

Spectacular Ontario by Dual-Sport

YouTuber Sum4Seb did an epic cross-Canada trip and segmented the videos into provinces, so you can see exactly his impressions of Ontario in the video below. We were particularly impressed with his photos of Lake Superior—it’s not something that’s easy to capture, but he’s done a great job. Amazingly they did this on a pair of Suzuki DRs, but with lots of extras to make the ride comfortable. About halfway through the video, they admit that they can’t get very far in a day in Ontario because there’s too much to see. 

Ride the Highlands

Ride the Highlands is easily one of our favourite riding destinations, so we love seeing what happens when a group of riders from a really diverse background experience these roads for the first time. A top-notch sportbike rider, who also teaches riding gets to share bikes and backroads with a city scooter rider, an adventure rider, and an ATV junkie. It works out pretty great.

Learning to Ride Dirt in the Kawarthas

If you’ve ever wondered if you could get your motorcycle license and do a major tour in one season, this video series proves it conclusively. There are multiple videos in the series, from getting their licences, to learning how to ride dirt bikes, to doing short day trips, and then finally, a massive trip around Lake Superior. Check out the playlist here.

Forks of the Credit

There’s a lot of talk out there about Forks of the Credit. It a pretty short road north of Toronto, and seems to have drawn a lot of attention as an amazing riding road. While it’s a good ride, it’s a tad overrated, crowded, and the locals don’t seem to love the thousands of riders who ride there. Check out this video to see what the fuss is all about (hint: it’s not much).

Ride the Edge

Probably one of our favourite videos, this one for Ride The Edge gives a good sense of what riding in this area is like, while simultaneously pulling on the heartstrings of any rider. It’s a great place to ride—you can find out more about riding there at www.RideTheEdge.ca.

We’ll be adding new videos to the top of this list every couple of weeks, so bookmark this page, and if you’ve got a video we should show, don’t hesitate to let us know on the What A Ride Facebook page!

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