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Two Solitudes Converge

Quebec's "Le Show de Moto" Hits the Road in Northern Ontario

Le Show de Moto visits Ontario

Editor's note April 17th, 2014: At last here they are! Episodes 1 & 2 of this season's Show de la Moto. See the folks from Show de la Moto experience what their neighbours in Algoma Country and Northeastern Ontario have to offer:

Episode 1

Episode 2

And for a condensed version check this out:

If you ride a motorcycle in Quebec, chances are, you’ve heard of Le Show de Moto, which airs each week during riding season on the francophone network RDS. As we all know, nothing brings people together like a good ole’ motorcycle trip: roads discovered, new people encountered, bonds formed and throttles revved. Back in the Spring, the team from Le Show de Moto came here for a visit to Ontario, and they had so much fun that they’re back for more this Fall. 


Now, as many of you are already aware, Northern Ontario is both vast and beautiful. But that very vastness can sometimes be daunting to some, especially when you’re coming from another province, where everyone literally speaks a different language. Thankfully, our Quebec visitors will have excellent tour guides—Claude Aumont and Mike Jacobs play host, treating these riders to a magnificent tour of some of the best roads in Northern Ontario, with a TV crew in hot pursuit.

From east to west, past Sudbury towards beautiful Algoma Country, through picturesque towns like Thessalon and Chapleau, winding and scenic roads await. 


The Route

On September 10th, the combined team of Quebec and Ontario riders will begin in North Bay, picking up where they left off on their last visit. From there they’ll head up Highway 11 and connect with Highway 64, gradually moving towards Sudbury. If you’re not familiar with Highway 64, this is one road that should definitely be on your to-do list. As our tour guides, Claude and Mike, explain, “We couldn’t let these guys ride in this area and not experience the thrills of Highway 64. There are a lot of riding gems around here, but 64 is one that you don’t want to miss.” It also happens to be ranked among the top 30 roads in all of Ontario.

But there’s a lot more to it than just the ride. For example, in Sturgeon Falls the team will sample some of the local fare, in particular the renowned and delicious chip stands that the area offers. In the process, they may even play friendly mediator to one of the area’s most long-standing food wars—The Riv and Larry’s are two of the most famous French fry stands in all of Canada, and it just so happens that they’re located right across the street from one another.

From food to camaraderie, meeting new people, taking in some truly breathtaking scenery and riding some magnificent roads, this is one road trip that you’ll want to be a part of.


The Bikes

CTX700 2014 13

If the roads and destinations weren’t enough, then there’s the bikes. Our team will be lucky enough to test ride several new or recent additions to the Honda line-up. First, there’s the brand new for 2014 CTX700T, sort of a cross between cruiser and sport, ideal for touring and road-carving both. It features a 670 cc parallel-twin engine and should be a blast to ride (CTX stands for Comfort, Technology and eXperience). Then there’s the NC700X, the CTX’s close cousin, with a similar upright riding position and good low to mid-range torque. And lastly, the CB500X, essentially the enduro adventure version of Honda’s new 500 range, a welcome addition to the midrange market. Among other things, the 500X features a slightly larger 4.5 gallon gas tank for longer range touring (as compared to the R and F versions, both of which come in at 4.1 gallons).


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