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Why This is the PD13 You Have to Attend

This is the One

The July 2018 Friday the 13th rally in Port Dover will see hundreds of thousands of bikers—including a world record-breaking number of women riders—taking over the beautiful beachside town. You've gotta be there!

Friday the 13th is the Granddaddy of all motorcycle events in Ontario, and with the next one being smack dab in the middle of the Canadian riding reason, this is the one you can’t miss!

Although PD13 sometimes competes for the largest one-day motorcycle event in the world, the 65th event is especially important because of the Women Who Ride World Record attempt. The record is only 933 women, so if you’re female and ride, this is the time to claim the title!

Registration for the attempt to break the record takes place at 9 am at the Indian motorcycle booth on Main Street.

Routes and Road Closures

You can count on Port Dover's Main Street being closed each Friday the 13th

For routes to get to and take after the main event, we highly recommend the CruiseTheCoast.ca website. They even have a Friday the 13th route. Getting into Port Dover and finding a spot to park is a different matter. Based on previous years, we expect the best routes in to be Highway 6 from Hamilton, Silver Lake Drive/County Road 5 from Brantford, and Highway 6 from Simcoe.

All roads lead to Dover on Friday the 13th

You can see last PD13’s road closures here. Main Street, Market Street, and Park Street in town are all closed. 

Attendance and Where to Stay

The Kinsmen Park is open for camping and is the most popular option for camping for those coming in the night before or staying until Saturday. Camping is $20 per person, per night, with an additional $20 for people with trailers or RVs.

Accommodations at hotels and motels have been full for months. While there might be an exorbitantly priced Airbnb to be had, we prefer staying at a hotel in Hamilton or Niagara Falls and just riding in on the day of.

There are a bounty of beautiful roads in Ontario's Southwest

Typically the event sees over 100,000 riders in the thick of summer so be prepared to either get there early or wait in line. The locals do an incredible job of moving traffic through the city and making sure everyone has a spot to park their bike so they can enjoy the beach, and check out the pop-up shops and bikes lining the street. You can bet there will be no shortage of custom chrome.

FRiday the 13th, April 2018

While there was another Friday the 13th in 2018, it was a wee bit chillier. Still, it drew a good number of folks and proves that Canadian riders are a pretty hardy bunch. Check out these photos from April’s event.

Live Cams

There are two live cams available for the event. They don’t go live until closer to the event, so don’t be surprised if you click on them and they’re not live yet. They will be.

The local paper, the Port Dover Maple Leaf, also runs a live cam of Main Street here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/main-street-port-dover

Norfolk Tourism has a camera pointed at a different, less busy part of town and it's up now:

What Started Friday the 13th in Port Dover

One of the Port Dover Friday the 13th creators, Chris Simons, "back in the day"

There are all kinds of stories about how Friday the 13th got started, but the truth is that a fella named Chris Simons, a lifelong biker, and owner of a local bike shop, got together with 20 or so other biker friends at “The Commercial Hotel” (now known as Angelos) they had such a killer time that they agreed to meet every Friday the 13th from then on. This will be the 65th PD13 since that date. If you’re feeling inspired, you should start your own tradition with your riding buddies!

Friday the 13th Port Dover T-Shirts

“Been there, done that, got the t-shirt”—if you’re a biker, you know you have to get the t-shirt to prove you were there. This year, the Kinsmen club that helps get volunteers to set up everything around the event, has created a special 65th edition shirt.

Two designs for the July 2018 Friday the 13th t-shirt

This is The Year

It’s been a while since PD13 fell right in the height of summer, so you can rest assured this is going to be a big one. So if you have fear of missing out—don’t miss out! Hit the beach in Port Dover (and get the t-shirt too!).

This video of me trying out the Suzuki M109R gives you a good idea of what Dover is all about. See you there!

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