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Into the Wild—Exploring the Trails at Booth Landing

Into the Wild—Exploring the Trails at Booth Landing

Editors Note: In anticipation of the spring thaw, arguably the best time of year for ATVing, we wanted to find the ideal place to plan a trip around. We'd never heard of Booth Landing before but now that it's on our radar we can't wait to book our first visit!

Nunzio and Cindy are fortunate enough to have set up on Wasi Lake in Chisholm, one of the most beautiful parts of Ontario. Midway between Timmins, Ottawa and Toronto, and a 25 minute drive from the northwest edge of Algonquin Park, ATVers know this as nothing less than paradise. Surrounded by endless trails with access to to secluded lakes and streams with excellent fishing opportunities, it's the ideal place to get a serious dose of nature.  

They can give you a guided tour or just set you loose to explore the scenic trails on your own. Either way, you won't be disappointed!

What are the trails like in your area?

It's mostly logging roads and trails made by trappers. There are snowmobile trails that run through crown land. Most are good for beginners with some climbs up to some beautiful lookouts where you can get a nice clear view of the land. 

There are a some nice sized creeks that are good for Trout fishing and quite a few lakes about the size of the one that Booth Landing is located on, Wasi Lake. So there's a lot to explore.


Is it legal to ride these trails?

Yes. Most are on Crown Land and are either old logging trails or trails maintained by trappers. You're allowed to ride municipal roads so you can get to these trails from our campground without a trailer. Of course, you still can't ride 2-up on municipal roads but we're hoping that law will be changed soon.

What is the best part about ATVing in Northeastern Ontario?

There's such a diverse terrain. You can ride trails for hours and always be seeing something new without it ever getting repetitive. And you can go long bouts without seeing another person. It's the real wilderness. Around here we see more deer, moose, bears, bald eagles and owls than we do people!

And the colours in the fall are phenomenal. There are abandoned rail bed trails that can take you right to the gates of Algonquin Park. We're right in the thick of it here.

xSept 2013 Ride

So what does Booth Landing have to offer the ATVer?

Well you can stay at a range of different styles of accommodations within 5 minutes of all these trails. There's a dumping station for the trailers. We have 3 full service cottages with full bathrooms and we have two that are more basic and others that are even more rustic style with just the traditional outhouse.

We also have overnight campsites with a central washroom and laundry. So you can either stay in style with the family or rough it with friends who aren't as concerned with luxuries—they're going to be spending most of their time out on the trails anyways.

For families who aren't all going to be riding there are lots of great trails for hiking and mountain biking.  

cottage   Cottage 2 Inside

campsite   Cottage 2 Outside

Are you open year round?

The summer months are the busiest. We offer a discount for stays longer than 4 days in June and September. Eventually we'll be open in the winter for B & B style accommodations. That's ideal for families who have never been to the north and don't know what goes on up here through the year. There's more than just ATVing in the summer. For anyone who doesn't know what walking in snowshoes feels like or drilling 3 feet into the ice to go fishing or the silence when you're on the trails cross-country skiing.

We're a 1/2 hour away from the Laurentian Ski Hill in North Bay and they're currently undergoing a multi-year redevelopment of the Antoine Mountain in Mattawa which is also nearby. So there's more than one reason to plan a stay here in the winter months. 

Sept 2014 Ride smaller

Do you have any ATV events that people can take part in?

Every year, on the last Saturday of September, we go out for a ride starting at 10 or 11am. We ride for about 4 hours or so with a break for lunch which we eat on the trails. Then it's back to our place for a full steak dinner with potatoes, veggies and dessert. We've had up to 55 bikes attend the event. Usually campers and cottagers or locals who've heard about it. We try to have it at the peak of the fall colours. Check our website or Facebook page for details. It's a great opportunity to explore the wilderness of Northeastern Ontario. 

Check out the Booth Landing Facebook Page to see what's happening and to get in touch. 

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