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Staycation Summer

Staycation Summer

This awesome region in Ontario still has plenty of vacancies (nope, it's not Muskoka!)

Planning a last minute summer staycation? Here's our top 5 reasons to stay and play in Northeastern Ontario!

With international travel out of the question this summer, residents in Ontario are heading north. And that means accommodations are booking up fast–especially in traditional vacation hotspots like Muskoka and the Kawarthas. So if you're one of the thousands of people still frantically searching for an amazing vacation spot this summer, you're in luck.

Summer is on at Killarney Mountain Lodge

You'll be relieved to know Northeastern Ontario still has availability–and it's actually the best choice for your summer vacation. No matter if you’re travelling as a family, with friends, or with your partner, and no matter what type of vacation vibe you're looking for, Northeastern Ontario is your best bet for the perfect physical distancing escape during the summer of COVID. 

The distance: A little bit further than Muskoka but shorter than a flight to Mexico or the Caribbean 

Northeastern Ontario is just a little further than most people are used to driving for their summer vacation. While many people from Toronto, Barrie, Hamilton, and Mississauga will head to the Kawarthas area, or the wide swath of rentals in between Huntsville and Parry Sound, we’re actually only an hour further up the highway.

When you're searching for a spot to stay, check out places like Killarney, Cochrane, Timiskaming, Nipissing, and Manitoulin Island. The further you drive from the big cities, the more options you'll have–especially this summer. We’re not cottage country, we’re the next best thing.

The Isolation: No lines, no crowds, just you and your friends and family and the great outdoors

Beautiful view of Killarney Lake

Because we’re a little further off the beaten path, we offer superior isolation, which makes it easier to stay safe. Our towns are less crowded so there are fewer people to encounter in our stores–whether it's the grocery store, the ice cream spot, the Beer Store, or the local shops and outfitters. Our properties also have more space–both indoors and outdoors–so it's easier to maintain social distancing when there are other guests around.

The Accommodations: Clean, spacious, and sanitized

The lodges, camps, outposts and resorts here have been preparing for this summer—many of them counting on the business brought in by locals during these difficult times. And all those preparations are paying off. While some rental cottages “do their best” to make sure hygiene and safety are top of mind, we know that our accommodations take your safety extremely seriously. Contact-free check-in, staggered meal times, and staff dedicated to constant sanitizing of high-touch surfaces. You can feel comfortable travelling here.

The Activities: kayaking, hiking, fishing, and much more

While a lot of activities in Southern Ontario are all about being social (bars, restaurants, cultural institutions), we’re proud to be a little anti-social. Fishing, hiking, paddling, road trips, and sitting on a deck chair watching the sunset–these are the activities that define a trip to Northeastern Ontario.

Whether you’re taking your son or daughter on their first fishing trip, or going for a morning paddle solo, you’ll find it's super easy to stay outdoors in our remote paradise–far away from other folks with the same idea.

The Landscape: not a tall building or traffic jam in sight 

The stunning New Post Falls

Finally, there’s one unassailable reason why people from Ontario love to travel to our region–and that is our spectacular natural beauty. While the landscapes of the Canadian Shield, our lakes, rivers, streams and boreal forest can be found throughout Ontario, we do it best–sorry to brag. It's precisely the lack of people here that makes our region both safer, and more beautiful than anywhere else. If ever there was a place to “get away from it all” it's ours. And we're ready to welcome both new and returning visitors this summer.

There are so many places to check out in Northeastern Ontario–we suggest you try our website at www.NortheasternOntario.com or try one of these links below if you have your heart set on something specific - see you soon!

Learn more about the following activities in our region: 

For information on travelling safely to Northern Ontario, check out this article. It offers some helpful tips on how to keep yourself and the local community safe.

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