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Fishing for Walleye with Michelle Matte

Fishing for Walleye with Michelle Matte

Locals Know with Michelle Matte @EatSleepFish

I grew up in the greater Sudbury area, where my parents owned a camp before I was even born. As soon as I was old enough to hold a fishing rod, I was on the dock and in the boat fishing my days away. Let's just say, I found my lifelong passion on that lake. I was HOOKED!

Over the years I've caught perch, smallmouth bass, pike, brook trout and lake trout in the area. However it's safe to say my favourite to catch has definitely been walleye.

The walleye number in the hundreds of thousands and their range extends to lakes across northeastern Ontario
It is easier to catch and keep lots of smaller sized "eaters", but the area also offers some trophy sized monsters exceeding 30 inches and weighing over 10 pounds.
Fishing for walleye requires a lot of patience, because you have to factor in so many variables. The time of the year, the day and the weather will factor into your fishing success. The preferred time for catching walleye is typically in the evening. 
Walleye are opportunists, and will feed on insects during major hatches of lake prey; like "may flies", crawfish and leeches. The main staple of a mature walleyes diet is minnows.

Jigs tipped off with a minnow, leech or worm are one of the best and simplest baits to use. But, gosh! There are some deadly choices out there. Here are some of my favourites:

  • The Worm Harness

  • Crank baits

  • The Cordell Wally diver - when cast or trolled

  • I feel like our beautiful north is something everyone should experience at least once. The fishing is superb, of course. But it's that feeling you get while you're out on a quiet northeastern Ontario lake, that couldn't be put into words or expressed. It's something that has to be experienced.

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