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Top 5 Winter Activities in Timmins

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Top 5 Winter Activities in Timmins

• Credit: Tourism Timmins

Take advantage of all the outdoor activities available in Timmins!

Whatever winter looks like in Southern Ontario, just a few hours north there's guaranteed snow—and all the fun that comes with it.

Although Canada is known for its winters, many Canadians spend the winter season facing unpredictable weather conditions, making it hard to plan outdoor activities. But in Timmins, just a few hours north of Toronto, it's a different story.

"Winter is predictable—we know we're going to have a significant snowfall and a fairly long winter," says Guy Lamarche,  Manager of Tourism, Events and Communications at the City of Timmins. "It's as dependable as paying your taxes every year." 

Guy is absolutely correct in his description of Timmins winters, and with that comes an opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of winter activities across Northeastern Ontario. Here are our top five for Timmins!

Tourism Timmins winter video.

1. snowshoeing

In Timmins there is a great opportunity for snowshoeing at the Porcupine Ski Runners property. They have a well-marked trail system perfect for all experience levels. Trails range from short 1.1-km treks to a more difficult 3.7-km trail and multiple intermediate ones. The Porcupine Ski Runners offer equipment rentals and locker facilities. Check out their website for more information.

Provided by Tourism Timmins.

2. snowmobiling

The Timmins Snowmobile Club provides maintenance on over 440 km of trails, and the area averages 300+ cm of snowfall each year making Timmins one of the top snowmobiling destinations imaginable. Timmins is also a part of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, which provides easy access to approximately 30,000 km of groomed trails in the area, and proudly part of the "World's Best Snowmobile Destination" circuit. This is truly a snowmobiling city, with well-marked and consistently patrolled trails ensuring safety. In addition, Timmins is one of the few cities in Ontario that allows access to many accommodations including gas stations, restaurants, and hotels via a number of designated trails.

Virgil Knapp photography provided by Tourism Timmins.

3. Nordic Skiing

The same Porcupine Ski Runners we mentioned above is actually one of the largest Nordic ski clubs in Canada, and boasts one of the best trail systems around. The club is currently enjoying their brand new $1.7 million Xstrata Copper Chalet with rental equipment and a waxing room. Visit their website for more information and trail maps.

Provided by Tourism Timmins.

4. downhill skiing/snowboarding

The Kamiskotia Snow Resort, just west of Timmins, is the place to be for snowboarders and downhill skiers in the area. Kamiskotia offers 25 unique runs ranging in difficulty, two chair lifts, and two surface lifts. If you aren't into skiing, or just feel like trying something a little different, they also have the tallest tube park in Ontario, which is a real thrill. A comfortable chalet perfect for relaxing throughout the day will keep you warm with a delicious hot chocolate.

Provided by Tourism Timmins.

5. ice fishing

Ice fishing is a classic winter activity in Timmins, with hundreds of waterways in the area teeming with perch, walleye, lake trout, speckled trout, northern pike, and whitefish. Many of the ice fishing spots can be easily accessed from roadways, while other more remote locations can be only access from snowmobiles. For local seasons and licensing details, see the Ministry of Natural Resources website.

Provided by Tourism Timmins

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