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Your Favourite Reads in 2018

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Your Favourite Reads in 2018

We pause and take a moment to look back some of your favourite articles

What's next in 2019? We want your opinion!

It's hard to believe, but another year has almost come and gone! Winter is here in full force across Northeastern Ontario, and it appears to be here to stay as we head into a new year. Whether you think that winter is best for layering up and getting outside, or for curling up inside with a good book (or three), it's shaping up to be a storybook winter.

Taking a moment to briefly reflect, we wanted to look back at some of your favourite articles and content in 2018. The numbers don't lie, and the 10 articles listed here were some of the most viewed and shared all year long!  

Side Note: We want your opinion! At the bottom you'll find a pollwe'd like to know what types of content you'd like to see more of in 2019.

1. The Great chip Stand-Off

A side-by-side taste comparision is the only way to crown a winner. Photo: Ella Jane Myers.

You’ve heard of sports rivalries, community rivalries, and sibling rivalries. But what about a chip stand rivalry? Well, look no further: you’ll find it in Sturgeon Falls, Northeastern Ontario where two famed chip stands are situated directly across Highway 17 from one another.

These aren’t just any chip stands, either. As author Ella Myers tells it, these chip stands have been feeding travellers and locals alike for decades, and one of them might just be the oldest chip stand in Canada.

If we’ve made you hungry, you’re not alone! The tale of two chip trucks was one of your favourite reads in 2018!

2. Fishing for Aurora Trout

Angler Kaylan Evers holds an aurora trout. Photo provided by Kaylan Evers.

If we told you that you could fish for one of the world’s rarest species of trout in Northeastern Ontario, you might be a bit sceptical. That’s okay, because insiders know that Northeastern Ontario is home to a big angling secret—the aurora trout.

Named after the brilliance of the Northern Lights, the aurora trout is found in just 12 Northern Ontario lakes—a fish for only the most intrepid of anglers. The good news: these fish are stocked annually by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, so anglers can look forward to locating them year after year.

Ready to go backcountry angling? We’ve got all the details right here

3. Canadian Legend of Joe LaFlamme

Joe Laflamme poses with a black wolf. Photo provided by Suzanne Charon.

There are legends of days past, and then there are real-life legends who lived and impacted the world we live in today. Joe Laflamme was one such legend, and the subject of this very well-read piece put together by historian and Northern Ontario enthusiast, Kate Pocock.

A man known for taming wolves and moose; for delighting the crowds of early 20th century Toronto and New York; and for a genuine love of animals, this real-life legend hailed from the small northern community of Gogama.

A special figure with a unique tale that really connected with our readers, you can get the full scoop right here.  

4. 2018 Armed Forces Day North Bay

Canada 150 CF-18 Hornet. Photo provided by City of North Bay.

If you haven’t celebrated or observed Armed Forces Day before, North Bay is the place you want to do it! Clearly our readers agree.

Armed Forces Day is a celebration and recognition of Canada’s armed services, heritage, and personnel—what better place to do so than in North Bay, home to one of Canada’s most important military bases? Between ground and air displays, meet and greets with the Ontario Provincial Police and Military Police, plus a visit to the Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defense, you’ll go home with a new appreciation of the Canadian Armed Forces.

5. Killarney Provincial Park Dark Sky Observatory

An observing telescope allows for close-up and personal views of the ever-changing night sky. Photo provided by Gordon's Park.

It’s no surprise that we find this article on the top reads of 2018 list—the announcement that Killarney Provincial Park was to be designated as a Dark Sky Preserve was big news!

Dark Sky Preserves are places where light pollution is not welcome; where efforts are taken to reduce artificial light, all in the pursuit of improving night sky viewing opportunities. This year, Killarney Provincial Park joined the exclusive list of Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Dark Sky Preserves in Northeastern Ontario—now a grand total of two!

6. Summer of Sound – The Best Music Festivals for 2018

Stars & Thunder Music & International Fireworks Festival in Timmins, Ontario.
Photo: Ted van Boort.

One thing that will be eternally popular: music. We think that’s part of the reason this article was so popular with our audience in the spring of 2018!

Northeastern Ontario has turned into a booming festival hotspot, from newcomers to some of the oldest outdoor music festival experiences in Canada. Starting at the end of June, this impressive festival line-up kept music enthusiasts busy and entertained all summer long!

7. 5 Fishing Hotspots in Timmins & Area

A hopeful angler flogs the water on Horwood Lake. Photo provided by David Reid.

No matter where we go, we find that people know Timmins! A Northern Ontario community fabled for its world-class fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, and outdoors experiences, it makes sense that this article about Fishing Hotspots in Timmins and Area was a smash hit with our readers.

Intended as a primer of sorts for those new to the fishing landscape in Timmins, this piece is an introduction to the lakes, lodges, and launches that you’ll need to know to kick off your angling experience in Timmins.

8. 10 Celestial Events to Watch for This Summer

A viewing telescope in Samual de Champlain Provincial Park. Photo: 9Lives Designes.

It’s one thing to look up at the night sky and marvel. It’s another to look up and know what you’re looking at—luckily, we’ve partnered with astronomer Gary Boyle to help us with some of that interpretation!

In this article, Gary gives a rundown of the most exciting phenomenon night sky enthusiasts have to look forward to, from meteor showers to planet viewings. An article that keeps giving, some of these occurrences happen every year so read on to know what to look forward to in 2019.

9. Four Ways to Stargaze in Northeastern Ontario

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced veteran, night sky viewing is always a wonderous experience. Photo: Northeastern Ontario Tourism.

Autumn means the arrival of many things, from fall colours to pumpkin-spiced everything, but astro-enthusiasts get the most excited about the arrival of primetime night sky viewing opportunities. Cool nights and clear skies before the snow flies means that those of us gazing upward will have some of the best opportunities to appreciate and photograph the night sky that we’ll get all year!

As a prime wilderness destination, Northeastern Ontario provides perfect landscapes for exactly this type of opportunity. Have we piqued your interest?

Read the full article here for more ways to view the night sky!

10. 7 Scenic Fall Drives in Northeastern Ontario

Short and sweet, fall might just be the most stunning season in Northeastern Ontario. Photo: Josie Dinsmore.

Fall—possibly our favourite season. As we head into a new year and a new season, fall seems like a pleasant memory still so far away. Short but incredibly sweet, fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in Northeastern Ontario!

It’s apparent that our readers feel the same way, because this list of scenic fall drives that combines the best lookouts, places to eat, and things to do in autumn was one of your most read articles of 2018!

That's a wrap on 2018, but we want your feedback. Let us know what type of content you'd like to see more of in 2019!  And as always, tag us on Facebook and Instagram for all of your Northeastern Ontario content. 

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Happy New Year!


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