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Cold nights, fast trails

Burton Penner with his dogs on Caribou Lake
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Cold nights, fast trails

Every day is an adventure

Minus 35 degrees Centigrade this morning, good thing it is not cold! But I will plug the dogs in anyway. Speaking of the cold, I always find it interesting how it is only local people that will want to cancel if it is cold; and folks from far away are disappointed if it is not!

Siberian-Huskies-Borealis-Sled-Dog-AdventuresSiberian huskies love the cold.

The last ten days have gone by fast; the dogs and I have only had one day off. So today, is a good day to get new trail I've been working on for the last few months finally finished. I am excited to finally get to use this trail as it will cut off about 2 ½ miles of lake travel. This helps because at this time of year, with the snow getting deeper on the lakes slush starts to come up which is the bane of all northern bush travel.

3-Dog-Teams-on-Caribou-Lake-Borealis-Sled-Dog-AdventuresDog teams crossing Caribou Lake

Also, this trail will serve several purposes: dogsled trips, trapping, and will also be part of the trail for our upcoming Vermilion Bay Trapline Challenge Dogsled Race (February 16). Listen to a CBC Voyage North radio clip about the event. 

February is a busy month for Borealis Sled Dog Adventures. We are almost completely booked up with guests from all over the world. Saw the northern lights last night, that sure makes up for the short days!

Cold nights, fast trails, travel well.

Map for Borealis Sled Dog Adventures

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