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Two Hidden Gems for Family campers

Two Hidden Gems for Family campers

Restoule and Mikisew Provincial Park

The campgrounds have more amenities than one could ever ask for.

Both Restoule Provincial Park and  Mikisew Provincial Park are considered hidden gems to a core group of family campers.  At first glance, the parks seem tucked away, off the main travel route.  In reality, they are a short drive from major population centres through quaint country side, passing by small communities outfitted with unique antique stores, bakeries, bait shops and coffee houses.

The short distance is a bonus, providing a pure retreat for friends and family to enjoy; and once there, the campgrounds have more amenities one could ever ask for.

Restoule hosts three beach fronts, totaling almost a kilometre of sand and shallow swimming areas. Mikisew also hosts three beach sites with a supreme view of Eagle Lake. Boat launching facilities are top notch in both parks and fishing possibilities are rated exceptional. The question is not why you should camp at Restoule or Mikisew, but which park should be experienced first.

Restoule, a little further off the beaten path, gives you more room to roam. With neighbouring lakes to paddle or wet a line, it also offers an extensive hiking trail network that crests scenic lookouts.

Restoule’s Fire Tower Trail will take your breath away with its panoramic view.   This challenging eight km trail will take you to the top of a 100 metre cliff that reveals a panoramic view to the west towards the French River.

There are still several fire towers standing throughout the province.  Many can no longer be climbed, but due to their hilltop locations, like Restoule’s fire tower, they still provide excellent vantage points.  

Mikisew, with its proximity to the towns of South River and Sundridge, has everything nearby and natural for the camper. An ample number of shops and galleries showcase local creations like paintings, sculpture, photography, pottery and glasswork.  Plan on camping over the weekend and you can hit the local Farmers Market for some fresh veggies and baking.

Whichever you decide, time spent camping at Mikisew and/or Restoule Provincial Park will definitely end up being a positive experience.

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