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Go RVing Canada: Your one-stop shop for RV info

Go RVing Canada: Your one-stop shop for RV info

A complete guide to the RV life

From travelling with pets to the top 5 must-see destinations, everything you need to know about RVing in Ontario

The recreational vehicle, better known as an RV, has become a staple of adventurers everywhere across Ontario and beyond. Affordable and fun, with modern amenities and the complete freedom to explore whenever and wherever you want—we can see why the RV lifestyle is so popular! In fact, the RV industry is booming thanks to travellers looking for a unique and affordable way to enjoy new experiences in Northern Ontario's scenic wilderness. 

Production of these innovative camper vans originates as far back as 1910, when North Americans were beginning to embrace the automobile and paved roads made travelling a delight. In fact, one of the earliest RVs, the Pierce-Arrow “Touring Landau,” made its debut at Madison Square Garden in New York, where much was made of its futuristic, on-board bathroom. The RV has come a long way since then (laundry facilities, in-floor heating, and outdoor patios, anyone?) and tons of resources are now available for Canadian RV lovers--even if you're a beginner.

We spoke with the folks at Go RVing Canada about the latest RV trends and why the site is an essential destination for both new and experienced travellers looking for the perfect getaway.

What is Go RVing all about, and who is it for?

Go RVing Canada was founded in 1997 by the Go RVing Canada coalition, which consists of RV manufacturers, component suppliers, dealers, and regional RV associations. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Go RVing Canada is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting the RVing lifestyle, and everything it involves. From purchasing or renting an RV, to helping first time RV adventurers know what to pack, and detailing the best places to camp, this organization of RV lovers is helping to build a community of new and seasoned RV enthusiasts and is dedicated to providing them with the best RVing resources. That means lucky travellers who live in Ontario or are planning a trip here have a rich, comprehensive site to help plan a vacation, add to a bucket list, and prepare for an adventure!

Lake Superior Provincial Park and other top spots to visit

If it’s Top 10 lists and Instagram-worthy destinations you’re after, the Go RVing Canada site highlights all the must-see destinations. From underrated lake vistas to top beaches, Ontarians can peruse through lists based on what kind of adventure they’re looking for. Their step-by-step guides show campground facilities available along the route, so travellers can plan where to stop along the way—and if you’re lucky, enjoy the stars.

Along with classic destinations like Algonquin Park, you can check out the site’s top recommendations for travel including Northern Ontario’s Highway 17. The route along the north shore of Lake Superior from Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay is a stunning trip and a must for any RV enthusiast looking for something new. In fact, Lake Superior Provincial Park is listed as one of the site’s top five overlooked and underrated destinations in Canada

And don’t forget, every month in Ontario is a great time for RVing! Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and snowshoeing are just some of the quintessential cold weather activities that make for an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful Canadian winter weather, and what better way to experience the outdoors than on the road? Go RVing Canada website is a great resource for cold weather RVing tips and tricks.

Relationship tips, s’mores recipes, travelling with pets, and more! 

Once the practical concerns are taken care of—affordability guides, RVing tips and tricks, packing lists, a trip planner, and a campground finder—RV lovers can check out the site’s fun lifestyle advice including delicious recipe ideas—like this one for hearty, flavourful, and easy-to make meals after a day on the road. 

Or check out these mouth-watering one-pot camping recipes for dishes like Campsite Jambalaya and S’Mores Cake.

Readers can even find tips for surviving relationships with their sanity intact while living together in a small space!

As well as practical tips about travelling with your furry friends.

You can even check out the latest rules for responsible cannabis consumption while on Parks Canada property (basically, enjoy in the privacy of your own campsite and keep it out of the common areas).

Like, heart, subscribe, and follow for more info about RVing in Ontario 

To keep up to date on the latest RV news be sure to sign up for Go RVing’s bi-monthly newsletter—available in both English and French. Subscribers receive exclusive RV offers, delicious recipes ideas, top RV tips, as well as tons of ideas for potential vacation destinations. And be sure to follow Go RV on Instagram and YouTube for additional information and inspiration. 

Whether you’re one of the new millennials fuelling the growth of the RV boom or an experienced RV enthusiast (or even if you’re one of those curious folks just wanting to know a bit more about the whole RV craze), there’s no better spot to start your research than Go Rving Canada. Learn more about hot spots to travel in Ontario, financing, maintenance, and everything in between!


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