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Nordic Skiing

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Nordic Skiing

The Perfect Playgroup for Nordic Skiing

Pristine weather conditions and snow-covered landscapes create the perfect winter playground for Nordic skiing in Saut Ste. Marie, Ontario! 

You can explore thousands of kilometers of some of the most spectacular terrain in North America and then head into heart of the city to indulge in some aprés skiing delights!

Sault Ste. Marie is bordered by two of the greatest Great Lakes, Superior and Huron and enveloped by spectacular views, superb dining, shopping and entertainment that will exceed your expectations of the perfect winter getaway. Thanks to the historically embedded Northern European immigrants, Nordic skiing in Sault Ste. Marie is second to none and a perfect gift to share this holiday season!  Give the gift of Nordic Skiing this winter with a seasonal membership, day passes, weekend getaways and more!

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Over 45 km of Nordic trails traverse the 3,000 acre Hiawatha Highlands wilderness preserve. Enjoy the soothing sounds of the whispering pines and the magnificent views of ice falls in this world class nordic ski destination. Hiawatha Highlands presents trail systems that cater to both the beginner and advanced skier and welcomes all types of Nordic skiing. Whether you plan to test your skiing ability on the competition trails or take a slow "wildering" tour north to Mable Lake, you will find a trail that suits your needs. Indulge in an after dark ski on the 2 km lit trail until 10:00 PM or listen to the crunch with every step along the 14 kilometres of double track Snowshoeing, this winter wonderland has a little something for everyone.


Trail Systems

All sections are groomed for skating & classic (double classic track). The Crystal 2 km trail is double-tracked for classic plus a skate lane. All other Crystal Creek Trails are single-tracked for classic plus a skate lane.


All the trails on the Crystal Creek Trail System start on this trail. A gentle loop with gradual up hills and down hills. The simple turns and hills makes for an easy beginner trail or a great cool down after a long day's ski. This is the only trail that is lit for evening skiing. The lights are on (when there is snow) every day from dusk to 10:00 pm.

Crystal Creek

This is a challenging trail suited for the more advanced skier. The trail is full of exciting twists and turns with plenty of ups and downs.

All sections are groomed for skating & classic (double classic track). The Crystal 2 km trail is double-tracked for classic plus a skate lane. All other Crystal Creek Trails are single-tracked for classic plus a skate lane.

Hiawatha Highlands

The trail branches off the Crystal Creek Trail around the 1 km point. The trail has lots of hills and curves, sharp turns, up hills, and fast descents. It rejoins the Crystal Creek Trail just past the 1 km point.

Inner Loop Extension

The trail branches off the and rejoins the Crystal Creek Trail around the 1.5 km point. The level terrain allows for a fast pace on this loop. There are small rolling hills surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Olympic Extension

The trail branches off the and rejoins the Crystal Creek Trail around the 2.5 km point. A challenging trail with an enjoyable balance of flats and hills.

Mabel Lake Extension

Crystal Creek Trail around the 2.5 km point. A single classic track groomed on an irregular basis, when conditions allow (typically mid January).



The Pinder 4 km trail is double-tracked for classic plus a skate lane. All other Extentions are single-tracked for classic plus a skate lane.


The Pinder Trail follows a gentle terrain and has no large climbs or down hills. It is the ideal beginner trail and also used by experienced skiers who wish to concentrate on technique. There is a lookout and rest area around the 2 km point. The trail then passes through a large section of maple sugar bush.

White Pine Extension

The White Pine Extension follows a gentle terrain and has no large climbs or down hills. It is an ideal beginner trail. The extension leaves the Pinder Trail around the 1 km point, just before the turnoff for the Mockingbird Hill Extension. It rejoins the main trail at the same point.

Mockingbird Hill Extension

The average skier can easily handle the one small downhill this trail offers. It passes through a section of farmer's field from which the Mockingbird Pioneer Farm and Christmas Tree Farm can be viewed. The extension leaves the Pinder Trail around the 1 km point and rejoins the main trail three hundred meters down the trail.

Sugar Bush Extension


Groomed for classic and freestyle skiing.

Red Pine Extension

This trail is great for the intermediate skier with its sweeping down hills and numerous short climbs. The trail passes through tall stands of pine trees. During the long climb out the skier is rewarded with a spectacular view of Sault Ste. Marie from the lookout deck.

Fish Hatchery Extension

This trail is noted for the long, quick down hills and is targeted for those who have some skiing experience. It has a couple of straight run-outs which offer lots of speed and fun. Some of the Pines found in this area exceed 200 years. The extension leaves the Red Pine Trail around the 2 km point and rejoins the trail 400 meters farther down.

Cold Water Creek Extension

This trail is full of small down hills that will require some quick maneuvering. The intermediate skier will be comfortable with the challenge. You will pass over bridges that cross the Coldwater Creek. This trail offers access to Fourth Line.

Wishart Park Extension

This trail has some hills but generally a rolling terrain winding through Wishart Park. The trail starts on the south side of Fourth Line at the point where the Coldwater Creek Trail nears the road.

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Snow Biking

Something new and very exciting at Hiawatha Highlands this year is Snow Biking! The pilot program includes riding on the Crystal trail system only (excluding Mable Lake trails), the Pinder and Red Pine systems are not included for fat biking. The trails must be hard-packed and deemed suitable for snow biking before access is permitted for this type of activity. For those new to Snow Biking, here are some helpful tips and tricks if you want to give it a try!

RULES AND GUIDELINES that pertain to the Snow Biking Program at Hiawatha Highlands


Check-in with the Hiawatha Highlands website (http://hiawathahighlands.com/ski-conditions/), or call the office at (705) 256-7258 to find out BIKE conditions before heading out. BIKE conditions may differ from ski conditions!


Even if the trails are open, do not ride if you're sinking in more than an inch. Use common sense: the goal is to not damage the ski trails.


Snow bikers are required to have a valid trail pass. Daily and evening rates are available from Hiawatha Highlands. Purchase your pass online or in person at the Kin Centre.


Tires must be wider than 3.5″ and tire pressure must be less than 10 psi to ensure enough floatation to not damage the trails and to provide adequate traction.


Start at the Crystal trailhead (the blue Soo Finnish Nordic building) and follow the signs to the right. If unsure, follow the Vs left by skate skiers.


The goal is not to damage the ski trails.


Be especially careful of crossings. Pay attention to skiers that may come up behind you. Communicate and move to the left to allow them to pass through the middle of the skate lane. Give all skiers a wide berth. Watch for poles too.


Stay polite and be courteous to all other users. Spread the word about snow biking. Educate other riders, follow the rules (and intent of the rules) and discourage bad behavior. Make it fun. Keep it safe.


As with snowshoeing and skiing on these trails, dogs are not allowed in the winter.


Your post holes damage the trails. If you need to get off your bike, walk on the furthest left of the trail.

The Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club organizes a number of events, riders should be aware of the dates and times of these events, so riding plans do not conflict with them (check the Soo Finnish Nordic website. The Jackrabbits program is run every Saturday morning from 10-12.

Snow bikers should stay off the snow machine trails on Conner Rd. for safety reasons.

Hiawatha offers free parking and a nice warm Kinsmen Centre available for all skiers and snowshoers to use, seven days a week, with your choice of overnight accommodations that are available within 5 minutes of the trails.

This location offers some of the best of the continent's finest Nordic skiing and it's right in the city of Sault Ste. Marie.

Always on top of the ski conditions, Hiawatha Highlands makes updates everyday to their website to keep you prepared for the adventure ahead. You will also find indoor facilities that open on a daily basis offering hot and cold beverages, snacks, washroom facilities, rentals, repair, and service. Open daily from December to March. You can visit Daily and seasonal rates and memberships to find the perfect gift for your loved one!

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(705) 256-7258 | info@hiawathahighlands.com
780 Landslide Road, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 6J8
Website: hiawathahighlands.com

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Stokely Creek Lodge sits along the rolling hills of the Canadian Shield, this cross-country skiing and snowshoe paradise offers the opportunity and privilege to explore and experience a true Northern winter wonderland.

The 130 kilometres of privately-owned, well-marked, low altitude trails are groomed for skating and classic striding, with many more occasionally groomed, but well-marked kilometers for those who want to enjoy free-heeling across country. Indulge in the exploration of 8,400 acres of privately-held land, plus 3,000 acres of land owned by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, this is what makes Stokely Creek one of the four largest cross-country ski resorts in North America. The trails are varied, uninterrupted by roads, and protected for silent sports; there's few things better than experiencing the true wilderness silence.

The trails receive over 200 inches of natural lake effect snow per year guaranteeing snow every winter - all winter long, that's hard to beat! You can take a short loop to view a wild lake or a forest undergoing restoration, or you can venture farther to take in panoramic views of the Algoma Highlands and Havilland Bay on Lake Superior's Eastern shore. The Stokely trail system offers everything from the region's highest peak (King Mt. is 1880 ft.), canyons with ice falls, to kilometers of wild countryside where the only other tracks will be those of the pine marten, otter, fisher and fox; some have even seen wolf tracks. This ski and snowshoe refuge tops the list of spectacular.

For rates, memberships, passes and packages visit www.stokelycreek.com!

If you're heading to Stokely Creek from the United States here are some directions to get you there.

Getting To Stokely Creek Lodge from the Mackinaw Bridge

  • First map quest your way to the Mackinaw Bridge.
  • After the bridge continue on 75N to Sault Ste Marie, Canada.
  • After going through customs (remember your passport) turn right on Huron Street and very soon turn right at the first set of lights onto Queen Street
  • Turn right onto Carmen's Way
  • Carmen's Way will end then turn right onto Second Line East.
  • Turn left onto Great Northern Rd. Continue on Great Northern Rd (Hwy 17 N) for about 20 minutes until you pass a barn with a big sign that reads "Joseph's Homestead".
  • Make the next right turn onto Old Hwy 17 N. You will also see a Highway sign that says "Stokely Creek Lodge 3" just before the turn. *After 2 kms bear right at the fork in the road onto Pickard Rd. On the right in a half a mile or 1km you will come to a big STOKELY CREEK sign and parking lot at 194 Pickard Rd.

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Phone number and arrival information:

Call 866-stokely (786-5359) from the Sault Ste. Marie Canada so that the Lodge staff will know when you will be arriving and they will greet you in the parking lot. A transportation service will transport your luggage to the lodge by snowmobile an you can choose to ski, walk or hop on the snowmobile with the luggage transporter.

Stokely Creek Lodge
194 Pickard Rd Goulais River,
Ontario, Canada P0S 1E0
local landline: 705-649-3421

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Trails Within The City

Bellevue Park

Bellevue Park offers an unmarked, ungroomed experience that is perfect for the Nordic skier looking for a destination in the city and who wants to cut in the first set of tracks of the day. Spend a couple of hours in the city skiing or snowshoeing through a mix of terrain and landscape. This lovely city park is set on the shore of the St. Mary's River and offers 3.6 km of a looped trail with a 1 km extension to Topsail Island. The park is open from 8 am to 10 pm daily all year round.

The Parks Canada Historic Canal Site is also a great option for ungroomed and unmarked trails which also connects to John Rowswell Hub Trail. The John Rowswell Hub Trail is a 25 km multi-use non-motorized trail system that connects many significant points of interest throughout the city including; the waterfront walkway, Bellevue Park, Algoma University, Sault College, the new hospital and Fort Creek Conservation Area. There are no fees or admission charges for using these trails.

Visit www.cityssm.on.ca for more information on the John Rowswell Hub Trail and www.saulttourism.com to plan your next visit to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario!

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