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Soup, Music, Local Brew and More

• Credit: Your 2016 Winter Bucket List: You Better Get Cracking!
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Soup, Music, Local Brew and More

Experience the best of Sault Ste. Marie this year.

2016 is here and it's time to embrace the outdoors, be adventurous and take advantage of some new experiences in the beautiful city of Sault Ste. Marie!

Travel Tip: The weather in Sault Ste. Marie varies greatly. The seasons are quite distinct which is ideal for many types of adventure and activity, but dressing for the unpredictability is key to successfully enjoying the diversity of the seasons!

Weather Information

Average Monthly Temperatures (°C/°F)

Jan 4/24
Feb 6/19
Mar 0/32
Apr 8/47
June 16/61
Jul 20/68
Aug 24/75
Sep 23/74
Oct 18/65
Nov 10/60
Dec 4/39

Yearly Precipitation: 906 mm (35.66")
Average Snowfall: 472 cm (189")
Record Snowfall: 1989-90, 782 cm (308")
Latitude: 46°30-N
Longitude: 84°30-W/O

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Here is your 2016 Winter Bucket List of things to see and do this winter!

  1. Slurp some Homemade Soup
  2. Warm up at a Live Performance
  3. Start a new Hobby - Make some homemade beer or wine!
  4. Spend the day in the forest Snowshoeing

  5. Watch the sunset Downtown
  6. Go Alpine Skiing
  7. If you're a skier, go Snowboarding - Rent some gear, sign up for a lesson or ask for some helpful tips from a snowboarding friend! Head to the bunny hill and develop a whole new appreciation for a new winter activity. You will not only learn some new skills, but you'll gain a new perspective too.

  8. Visit a local Pub that serves a Local Brew - A nice cold local beer is the perfect après ski treat!
  9. Hit the Cross-Country Ski Trails and bring a picnic lunch!
  10. Eat the city's Best Italian food! Oh so good!
  11. Go Ice Skating outdoors
  12. See who makes the best froth on their cappuccinos and lattes! Visit "Cafés The Locals Love: Find Them Downtown Sault Ste. Marie!"

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  13. Book a Spa-cation! A great way to warm up this winter!
  14. Catch an OHL hockey game - Go Hounds Go!

    2015 01 30NorthBayatSooGreyhoundsJanuary302015002copy
    Jared McCann (right) and Marcus McIvor in action on January 30, 2015 at the Essar Centre in Sault Ste. Marie. Kenneth Armstrong/SooToday
  15. Fly Fish in St. Mary's Rapids all year!
  16. Drop in for a class at a Wellness Studio!

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  17. Gas up and go Snowmobiling
  18. Call Shaun Parent - Director and Guide at Superior Explorations and go Ice Climbing!
  19. Treat yourself to something new at one of the locally owned and operated businesses downtown!
  20. Book a sleigh ride at Mocking Bird Hill Farms

There's no shortage of events in the city! Click the button below for a full list!

Screen Shot 2016 01 19 at 2.06.41 PM

If you're feeling extra ambitious this year, check off some of the 2015 Winter Bucket List items below!

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