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Lake of Bays Snowmobiling - Ontario, Canada

Lake of Bays Snowmobiling - Ontario, Canada

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Snowmobiling on Central Ontario Snowmobile Trails near Dorset and Dwight

This for the snowmobiler who is interested in that 300 km day with a variety of riding terrain from highballn' fire roads to twisty bush trail we'll suggest the following route.  We'll start in Dwight, Ontario Canada and will take you around Lake of Bays the ‘long way', however you can start/end your excursion at any point along the way.

Starting out and hitting the trails by 9 am. Head east from Dwight on Secondary Trail 77 to TOP Trail D101B.  At D101B, turn right or south towards Dorset. You'll enjoy a great run on some wide, smooth but twisty logging roads that will take you over the Oxtongue River and to the Oxtongue shelter at the intersection of Algonquin SC and Tall Pines SC Trails.  Both locations are great photo opportunities but please, when you stop, pull well off the trail in a highly visible spot for safety sake.  D101B continues and just before the town of Dorset, you can take a short detour on Trail 60 and head on up to the Dorset Fire Tower that offers a great vantage point to view the Southern section of Lake of Bays. 

Trail 60 will bring you back to downtown Dorset where you will cross the one lane steel bridge over the narrows.  You will be able to stop for a meal and fuel (if required) in the town and if you're lucky, you may see some crazies' water skipping at the narrows under the bridge.  We do not encourage this practice but can't possibly hope to control the "free spirit" in some of us. Continue south/west on D101B towards Bracebridge/Baysville and the intersection of TOP Trail B, where you turn right or west on Trail B to the intersection of D102B.  Here you can decide to head due west on TOP B to D103B then onto Trail 41 then to trail 44 to Bracebridge or turn right or North on D102B to Baysville.  We'll go to Baysville today.  This section of D102B is commonly known by Happy Wanderers locals as "The Autobahn".  We'll let you figure out why.  By this time, you should require gas, which you can get in town. There's great food and hospitality always available in the town of Baysville.  Now that your sled is full and your appetite is satisfied we'll carry on west out of town on D102B to the intersection of D103B. Turn north or right on D102B/D103B and continue north to D103B. 

You've now entered Hill & Gully's snowmobile system.  Turn left onto D103B which will take you to Port Sydney.  Continue northwest on D103B to the intersection of TOP D and take TOP D to the right/north and go under the Highway 11 "underpass" but be sure to DUCK.  Stay with D throughout some wonderful terrain in the Du Ya Wanna SC trail system, right on up to the intersection of TOP Trail D and C103D.  Turn right or east on TOP D.  This is the east end of the famous Seguin Trail.  This trail gets unbelievable traffic, so the MSR Partnership has allocated a new tractor and soucy system with drag for Highland Rovers' trails, which includes this section of The Seguin.  We hope your ride is a smooth one.  This section of your trip is the longest so you and your sleds will be thirsty.  You will ride straight through a small town named Sprucedale, where you will be able to quench your desire at the Sprucedale Hotel and fill your sleds on the way out of town.  

For our last leg of trail riding we continue east on TOP D.  Just a few kms past Highway 11 you'll see Secondary trail 95.  You could venture south here to intersection D102B then to Trail 77, which crosses Peninsula Lake (Remember unless the lake is staked, it's not safe. Always check ice conditions before you go) back to your starting point, but we'd recommend checking out the "Wiley Lake Trail" which is Trail D101B.  Enjoy it as it took considerable work on behalf of Highland Rovers Snowmobile Club executive and the many volunteers, to make it so.  Follow D101B south past the D102B intersection towards Dwight.  You will intersect Secondary Trail 77, where you started.  Turn right and you've completed your loop.  You must get an early start and if you ride a steady pace and watch the length of your stops, you can easily complete this, be home in time for a hot tub and visit with the family.

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