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Eastern Ontario: Ride Osgoode Carleton Trails

Eastern Ontario: Ride Osgoode Carleton Trails

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Humans are irresistibly drawn to visit places of great significance or achievement. For Ontario snowmobilers, one such destination is located just southeast of the City of Ottawa, where the Osgoode Carleton Snowmobile Club has their Ontario snowmobile trails. You should plan a pilgrimage there this winter when snowmobile conditions are good.

Book into K’s Country Inn in Vars where Club Trail EO35 is right at your door, then head west and south into the heart of the Osgoode Carleton snowmobile trails near the towns of Metcalfe, Osgood and Manotick. Stop for lunch at the Riverbend Pub & Dining or the Red Dot Café at Osgoode.

So you’re probably wondering: What’s so special about the Osgoode Carleton Snowmobile Club? Well, they must being doing something very right because the club has recently been chosen at the OFSC Club of the Year (provincial), the CCSO Club of the Year (national) and finally, as the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame Club of the Year (worldwide). Meanwhile, the club president, George Darouze, was named the 2011 OFSC Volunteer of the Year and was recently recognized as a recipient of the prestigious Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award.Osgoode 

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All of this makes the Osgoode Carleton Snowmobile Club the closest thing we have to snowmobiling royalty in Ontario. So be sure to drop by their clubhouse on the KOC Trail just west of Greely and say hello. When you’re done, do some more great riding, not only on the Osgoode Carleton trails, but also the neighbouring Carleton Regional, Nation Valley and Eastern Ontario snowmobile trails of OFSC District 1.

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