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Riding Rock Town's Snowmobile Loops with Larry Berrio

Larry Berrio riding #OntarioSnowTrails
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Riding Rock Town's Snowmobile Loops with Larry Berrio

There’s a tone in his voice that moves between fiercely proud and slightly wistful. It creeps in the minute he starts to talk about hitting the trails that are mapped through his mind and imprinted on his heart. Officially (and unofficially in a variety of ways), he is an ambassador for powersports in Ontario, and he’s having a blast doing exactly what he loves. And while the sledding season of 2015-2016 got off to a bit of a late start, Larry and his friends began hitting the trails in earnest around the end of December and haven’t looked back since.

Operating from a home base in Hanmer Township (in Valley East within Greater Sudbury), it isn’t difficult to see why the ‘Sudbury Loops’ are in Larry Berrio’s blood. A Canadian country music artist and avid outdoorsman, Larry grew up in and around Sudbury, and knows the trails like the back of his hand. After all, they’re practically his extended back yard.

Cartier Moose LoopCOPY

Posting his adventures on his website and sharing stories on his facebook page, Larry’s enthusiasm for snowmobiling is evident. “What a great day of riding the trails today!” reads one post. “Up at 6:30 getting ready. We rode with good friends Mick Weaver from Kicx, Tony, Beau and Guy. Almost 200 miles today. Rode from the Pioneer Hotel on Hwy 69 and did the full loop north of Capreol. A little wet this morning, but the more north we got, the more snow!!”

Trail north of Capreol COPY

Whether it’s a leisurely daytrip on the trails with his daughter or a larger organized ride with his friends and extended family of sledding buddies, Larry is quick to point out the beauty of the three major loops and the beasts that travel them. The Chiniguchi, Cartier and Rainbow Loops offer riders the best of exactly what they are looking for, no matter what their preferences when it comes to riding the trails.

Chiniguchi Wolf Loop logoCOPYThe Chiniguchi Wolf Loop

The Chiniguchi Wolf Loop (223 kms) is mainly a mountain trail that goes through the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve, one of Ontario's old growth forests, and protected lands that also include Wolf Lake. “Wolf Mountain should definitely be on every Ontario snowmobiler’s bucket list,” says Larry.

 “Trailer your sled in to Rocky’s (waterfront motel rooms/cabin rentals, restaurant and more, open year-round for outdoor enthusiasts and families) on Lake Wanapitei (15 minutes north of Capreol or approximately an hour’s drive from Sudbury) and head out from there.”

Rockys On Lake Wanapitei CROPPEDWolf Mountain Lookout COPY

Ishpatina Ridge, the highest point in Ontario, is visible from the lookout on Wolf Mountain, and while riding this particular trail, you’ll pass old mining claims and active mine sites, in addition to plenty of wildlife (including the occasional moose, timber wolf, northern lynx or coyote), so stay alert!

Cartier Moose loop logo COPYThe Cartier Moose Loop Trail

The Cartier Trail (253.5 kms) is a different kind of ride,” Larry shares. “There’re more flat trails, more rolling hills, and it follows along the edges of lakes and crosses rivers. It’s great for leisurely, long day trips.”

Expect to see a lot of wildlife on this loop. Once you leave the greater Sudbury portion of the loop it's nothing but the Northern Ontario wilderness for 250km. Lynx and Moose often use the hard-packed snowmobile trail to get around so  be on alert!


Rainbow Elk Loop COPYThe Rainbow Elk Loop

The Rainbow Elk Loop (325 kms) encompasses several extremely scenic areas including Killarney Provincial Park and the La Cloche Mountains (one of the oldest mountain ranges on the earth, located along the northern shore of Lake Huron near Manitoulin Island). This loop can make an extremely enjoyable day ride for high mileage tourers or a two day long family ride. There are places to pull over next to the trail, plenty of comfort stations, lookout points that are easily accessible, and shortcuts to take if you don’t have the time or the inclination to do the full loop. With some of the most varied features of all the loops, the Elk Loop has trails that wind through the bush, old logging roads and rail lines in addition to plenty of fields and well-marked lakes.


“What a great day riding today. Just at the intersection of the Cartier Loop and Moose Mountain with Mick Weaver, Mathew Lawson and Russell Frazer. Ended off our ride at Sportsman's Lodge on Lake Kukugami. Trails are beautiful. A few more need to be groomed, but for such a late start (to the season), the Sudbury Trail Plan is doing a great job out there !!”

“The Sudbury Loops are a different adventure every time you head out”, says Larry. “No matter how many times you’ve been on a particular trail, you still find something new to appreciate every time you are out there.”
That sounds like an invitation to come play in your back yard, Mr. Berrio…. See you on the trails!

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