Ride OFSC Trails at No Cost this February 3 & 4

Crossing the French River in Northeastern Ontario. Try Ontario snowmobile trails at no cost this February

Try Our Trails

5 good reasons to test drive Ontario's snowmobile trails this February

Ontario’s more than 30,000 km of OFSC snowmobile trails operate under the user pay system. Riders pay a fee for a trail permit that entitles the sled to which that permit is registered to access any available OFSC prescribed trail throughout the snowmobiling season.

But there’s one time of the winter when the permit fee is waived for three days so non-snowmobilers, former and occasional riders, visitors from out of province, and new participants can test-drive OFSC trails at no cost. The 2018 Try Our Trails weekend are February 3 & 4

While there is no charge for a Try Our Trails Permit, Ontario law requires that you register for a no-charge permit for any sled you want to ride on an OFSC trail during this special weekend. Try Our Trails Permits will be available beforehand. You can print this temporary permit on your home or office printer and affix it to your sled. 

So why should you take advantage of Ontario’s Try Our Trails weekend? Here are five great reasons…


1 - Broaden Your Winter Experience

Ontario offers a variety of outdoor winter experiences to get you up off the couch and outside for some snowy fun. A few are free, but most are not. Try Our Trails is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to try a quintessentially Canadian adventure at no cost, capture the bragging rights to a new winter experience, and who knows, maybe even catch the sledding bug!

2 - Discover Ontario Snowmobiling

There are many good reasons why snowmobiling has been a mainstay of winter in Ontario for more than 50 years. Almost 200,000 Ontarians participate every winter, including families, couples, and seniors. They share a strong passion for the camaraderie of trail riding, exploring Ontario’s hinterlands with friends and family, and visiting many places and seeing many sights that are only accessible in winter. Try Our Trails will give you a small taste of the winter wonders Ontario provides to snowmobilers on each and every day of sledding.

3 - Explore World’s Largest Recreational Trail System

Most people don’t realize just how remarkable the OFSC trail system really is. On paper, over 30,000 km of trails is just a number. But on the snow, the reality is that there are more kilometres of snowmobile trails than there are of provincial highways. Mostly located out of sight in backcountry areas, these marked, mapped and maintained trails constitute a parallel transportation system, allowing people to travel between snowbelt communities across the province. Try Our Trails is a fantastic opportunity to test drive part of this remarkable network at no cost.

4 - Spark The Passion

Almost every snowmobiler has a family member, friend or business associate who’s expressed some interest in snowmobiling. What about that former rider who may want to try it again? Or maybe you have friends or relatives from out of province who you’ve always wanted to invite snowmobiling in Ontario. Try Our Trails is your best (and no cost) chance to introduce or re-introduce others to the snowmobiling that you love so much—and maybe ignite a spark that will burn a lifetime.

5 - Fire Up Old Sleds

Across the province, there are a slew of classic, antique, utility, and even mothballed sleds that are normally used in the owner’s back forty, for playing around the cottage, for ice fishing and other non-trail activities. Try Our Trails is the perfect occasion to put a no cost permit on that old favourite and take it out for a spin to recapture its former glory.

Want to build a real Ontario adventure around the Try Our Trails Weekend? When you go online to register for your no cost Try Our Trails Permit, why not add a couple more riding days? The Multi Day Permit is also available online for only $35/day (2 consecutive day minimum). Note that besides displaying a valid 2018 permit on your sled for Try Our Trails Weekend, riders must also carry a valid driver’s licence or Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator’s Licence, sled registration, proof of insurance, and follow all the rules and assumptions for safe OFSC trail riding.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy Ontario trail riding with our compliments!

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