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Highlights from THE BEST of Ontario Sledding, Winter 2013-14

Highlights from THE BEST of Ontario Sledding, Winter 2013-14

Our official list of highlights from sledding season 2013-14.  What were YOUR best moments?

Well, here we are—it's finally Spring 2014!  Ontario ATV trails are open, motorcycle routes are calling, events are fast approaching and pretty soon, many of us will be out on one or more of the 400,000 lakes, rivers and streams that this province has to offer...

But before we head off into the sunset, let's take a moment to look back at the sledding season that was—and WHAT a season it was!  This year Ontario sledders were treated to one of the best, snowiest winters that we've had in years. While others were griping about the cold, we were out on the trails enjoying the huge Ontario snowfalls and reminding everyone that for sledders, the phrase “This is Winter” is not a bad thing!

From the fabulous snow in Northeastern Ontario, across the immaculately Permit 2015groomed Algoma Country trails, over to Sunset Country and into the south... throughout the province we had the sort of winter that sledders dream about.

The 2014-2015 season is just around the corner. OFSC permits are available online from October 1st on. Don't miss out!

Shades of blue2 

Here then is our official look back at snowmobile season 2013-14 here in Ontario... where the trails were groomed, the snow was plentiful and the events were awesome!

8. The Forecast - Incredibly enough, it all started back in September... yes, you read that right, September. The 6th to be precise. It was on that date that Mattawa-Bonfield sledder Jeff McGirr posted his article “Ontario Snowmobilers in for a Great Season Ahead?”. In it, Jeff predicted the best sledding season in years, back when Environment Canada and The Weather Network were still hemming and hawing and, amazingly enough... he not only got it right, he was bang on the money!


7. The Groomer Guy – Luc Levesque is a humble guy, but the work that he does each year making sure that the local trails are well-groomed and great to ride is truly impressive. Luc represents the embodiment of the snowmobile community in the province: always welcoming, always ready to pitch in and help and, of course, always ready to ride!


6. The 8 Loops – There are so many trails across this province that are amazing, but these 8 featured loops were our designated MUST-rides of the year.

8 Loops


5. OntarioSnowmobiler Podcasts – Snowmobile talk from the men and women who know it best... brought to you throughout the season in convenient podcast form. What more could you ask for?



4. Events Galore – This year we were simply overwhelmed (in a good way) with the sheer number and variety of spectacular sledding events throughout the season.



3. Brappy New Year 2014 – What better way to ring in the New Year but gathered around a bonfire, surrounded by friends and snow at the end of an awesome day of riding the trails with good friends?

Brappy New Year


2. The Connect – Sledding is all about community, and one of the best ways that we as sledders connect is through social media. This season we did our best to help you connect with your fellow sledders on Facebook and, based on the response, I think we succeeded!

Facebook Clubs


1. Family Day 2014 – A long weekend, free snow trails, free ice fishing, community and family. Now that's what winter in Ontario is all about.

Family Day


BONUS:  This Is Winter – And finally, to top off the season, there was this video which summed it all up for us... the truth about snowmobiling here in Ontario.  And the truth is, in any year, there's more snow, better trails and sled-friendly communities in this province than anywhere else.  Sometimes, we forget just how lucky we are to have the largest interconnected network of recreational snowmobiling trails in the entire world—this video reminded us of that:


Here's to an exciting Spring/Summer ahead, full of great rides, awesome quad trails and relaxing times out on the water... and for all you hardcore sledders, no worries—winter will be here again before you know it!



These were our highlights for sledding season 2013-14.  What were yours??

Post your comments below, or use the hashtag #OntarioSnowTrails on social media



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