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Southern Ontario Snowmobiling: Durham & Northumberland

Southern Ontario Snowmobiling: Durham & Northumberland

Safely discover Ontario when the time is right. For the most up-to-date information on where and when it is safe to travel please visit: covid-19.ontario.ca.

Do your part by following public health advice. It is important to wear a face mask or covering, practice physical distancing, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Looking for a few days to getaway Ontario snowmobiling to OFSC District 3, located just east of Toronto in Durham and in Northumberland ? Look no further. Complied at the bottom are a few day trips, that could send you out on Ontario snowmobile trails for a week or so. Take a look and be sure to check for the local map at sponsoring areas so you don't get lost !

In both cases there is lodging in Orono (Bon Voyage or Twin Oaks Motel), but you will need to trailer from the motel to get on the trail.

Tour description Pontypool to Fenlon Falls, about 8 hours total trip time:

  1. Start at 35/115 south parking lot or Long Sault Ridge Runners Club House
  2. Follow E108 West from Club House to Port Perry,
  3. Cross highway 7 and take lake into town past back of grocery store
  4. Have Breakfast at Red Ribbon Restaurant with very fast service and good price,
  5. Take E108 North past Seagrave to Manilla, then East outside of Lindsay,
  6. Take E108 North to Fenlon Falls, stop for snack or lunch and gas in Fenlon Falls, (not within district 3)
  7. Take B103 East towards Woodbridge, Cannington and Sunderland,  Gas up in Sunderland at one of two Stations directly off of the trail if you didn't gas up at Fenlon Falls
  8. Follow B103 to club trail at Blackwater, into Uxbridge
  9. Near Uxbridge (road 23) at intersecting trails, follow trail to south,
  10. At the T of the PPSC 104 trail, follow PPSC 104 into Uxbridge, have lunch at Swiss Chalet
  11. Follow the PPSC 104 trail East to Port Perry,
  12. PPSC meets E108, follow E108 East to the Long Sault Ridge Runners Club House for Snack or lunch


Tour Description Pontypool to Campbellford (around Rice Lake) about 10 to 12 hours:Picture_186

  1. Start at 35/115 south parking lot or Long Sault Ridge Runners Club House
  2. Follow E108 East to Ganaraska Forest Trails to Bewdly,
  3. Follow club trail towards Bewdly along Rice Lake, Stop for Breakfast at Britt's Bar & Grill
  4. Follow stakes on Rice Lake past 4 islands near stakes, turn North after 4t island into Hawatha,
  5. Follow Club trail towards Keen, but do not go into Keen, follow trail north at T just before Keen,
  6. Trail should come to another T at a rail trail, follow this trail East towards Hastings
  7. Nice restaurant on River in Hastings just past large multi-use bridge over river,
  8. Gas stations are West down the road is difficult to get to, but open after 7:00 PM on a Saturday, if not going into Campbellford, fill up here as there are no gas station along E108 South of Rice Lake
  9. Follow Rail trail towards Campbellford during day time, as it is difficult to find E108 marker of trail just before town,  if you find you are heading around locks, you are on E108 but heading east not West.
  10. If you find the E108 West trail just before Campbellford, Follow E108 West back towards Bewdly, then on to PontyPool.  

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